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Group 5 - The top 5 and all point winners in Group 5 for the current week

Top 5 This Week - August 8, 2017 to August 14, 2017

CONFORMATION - Group 5 for August 8, 2017 to August 14, 2017 (Total Points Accumulated)
Dog Name Breed Points
Hilanne's Moonlight Serenade Affenpinscher 44
Lakewood's Once Upon A Moon Affenpinscher 3
Wynneira's Sweet Little Lady American Eskimo Dog (Toy) 6
GCh Mingchen Thandie's Skye High Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 62
TabuXp Caryse Don't Stop Believing Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 44
Piccadil's Dream A Little Dream Of Me Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 18
GCh Burbrook Wug Royal Shenanigans Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 18
Borys Dobry Rok Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 14
Tallygolds Northern Skye Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 6
BancoRoyalBeautyBeyondBelief Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 2
Midsummer Take A Back Road Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 0
Syrenia's Modern Master Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 0
Diadem Choice Morsel Chihuahua (Long Coat) 61
Ch MC N BCBG Miss Piggy Chihuahua (Long Coat) 43
Crystaljems Look On D Briteside Chihuahua (Long Coat) 22
Bloomsbury Dartan Blaz'n Amazn Chihuahua (Long Coat) 2
Baila New Beginnings Chihuahua (Long Coat) 1
Ch Moongate Toy Soldier For Cogie Chihuahua (Short Coat) 61
Cogie's Blazing Clementine Chihuahua (Short Coat) 23
Sharinway's Belinda Chihuahua (Short Coat) 9
BCBG N Delrae Spotty Dotty Chihuahua (Short Coat) 5
Teresa S Lipetskih Ozer Chihuahua (Short Coat) 3
Lalunablu Madiba Magic Chinese Crested 36
Yorkhouse Taja Dominic Chinese Crested 8
Taja Ursa Major Chinese Crested 2
Gingery's Peach Smoothie Chinese Crested 2
Zhen's Dare To Dream Chinese Crested 2
Raven's Earth Oracle Chinese Crested 1
DeReve Coka Gong Zhu Mipha Chinese Crested 0
Gingery's Totally Awesome Chinese Crested 0
Ch Jespersen's Kingsley Coton De Tulear 256
FleurDeLys Fairytale Maiden English Toy Spaniel 4
FleurDeLys Call Me Cute English Toy Spaniel 4
Karakorum's Strutting Into Vogue English Toy Spaniel 0
Hell's Angel Of Legends Heart Griffon (Brussels) 29
GCh St Johns Independence Day At Whichwire Griffon (Brussels) 18
Sunny Bear's Prince Royal De La Revolution Griffon (Brussels) 4
Somerset Wynzall Shameless Griffon (Brussels) 3
Heart N Soul At Last Griffon (Brussels) 0
GCh MistyTrails N'Bopcha's Pandamon Havanese 285
GCh Pocopayasos U Got Served Havanese 95
GCh Havntyme Pikasso's Kanvas Havanese 91
Very Wonder Full Mano Gentis Havanese 43
GChEx Eddie Murphy At MistyTrails Havanese 29
Pocopayasos I'm Aim N High Havanese 7
MistyTrails H'dalgos Chido Wey Havanese 7
Laurelgate's Tiara Havanese 4
Laurelgate Katie Hearts Delite Havanese 0
Ch Cantex BlueJays' Top Dog Italian Greyhound 121
GCh Mystik Dramatique Design Italian Greyhound 44
Alfheim's Fiery Fionnuala Italian Greyhound 2
San Pellegrino Di Boccalupo Italian Greyhound 1
Marchwind Caid At Triskell Italian Greyhound 1
Diavolino's Kiss From Clandara Italian Greyhound 0
Triskell It's Just Wow Italian Greyhound 0
Ch Lionheart Mi Miyazu Japanese Chin 42
We-Syng Koishi Of Judawn Japanese Chin 1
Judawn Queen Of Hearts Japanese Chin 0
Ace The Beauty Aupoildange Maltese 0
Ch Rexroth's Angelina Miniature Pinscher 98
Keridan Royally M'Azing V Crossfire Miniature Pinscher 8
Pinsha Hollywood Star Miniature Pinscher 0
Keltic Back N Black Miniature Pinscher 0
GCh Valifyre Freespirit Icy Sparks Papillon 260
GCh Marron's Seinfeld Papillon 31
Starsign's Solar Flare Papillon 11
Castel's Made In The Maritimes Papillon 6
Vega Topflite Bound For Glory Papillon 5
Heaven Sent Little Towne Flirt Papillon 2
Derrima Written In The Stars Papillon 0
Rosian's Georgia On My Mind Papillon 0
Ch Lionking Taylor Made Pekingese 256
Weitoi Daragon Pekingese 101
Diaquiris Walk Of Fame Pekingese 30
Ch CooDeeFoo Fear The Beard Pekingese 24
Polina's Last Chance Pekingese 10
Ch Michaelmas Pure Pekehuis Pekingese 5
Ch Michaelmas Hamish Macbeth Pekingese 3
Pekeden Black Sabbath Pekingese 1
GCh Furrycreek's Masterpiece Pomeranian 64
Arwins The Dark Knight Rises Pomeranian 55
Foxworth Fine Music Pomeranian 37
GCh Tinyprints Watch Me Win Pomeranian 37
GCh Chriscendo Chasing Rainbows Pomeranian 19
Chriscendo Consensus Pomeranian 17
Babydolls Bet Hesfngrlickngood Pomeranian 9
Arwins How To Train Ur Dragon Pomeranian 3
Son Shines Eldorado Pomeranian 3
Arwins The Toymaker Pomeranian 3
Son Shines Touch Of Class Pomeranian 3
Cheyennes Over The Rainbow Pomeranian 0
Tinyprints Light My Fuse Pomeranian 0
Kristari's Wicked Moves Pomeranian 0
Lilangelz Wildest Dreams Pomeranian 0
Ch Pomkees Peak Of Perfection Pomeranian 0
Sonora Bindy Baby At Keja Poodle (Toy) 47
GCh Xoe's Heartbreaker Pug 224
GCh Cantu's Timeliss Sirius Intentions Pug 54
Heubergs That Magic Touch Pug 34
GCh Diamond Sand's Simply Perfect Pug 29
Heubergs Chips Ahoy Pug 26
Ch Claripugs Celtic Lore Pug 21
Roses Royal Prerogative Pug 8
CurlyQ's Christmas Star Pug 3
Xoe's Knickers And Lace Pug 2
Heubergs Hurricane Lloyd Pug 0
Heubergs Hurricane Wilma Pug 0
GCh Xoe's Oscar De La Hoya Pug 0
Cuddle's Piccalilly Pug 0
Benjac Dame Orphee Pug 0
Rose Of Bermia Pug 0
Ch Carmorosa's Ranger Rick Silky Terrier 126
GCh Szulik's Mister Munster Junior Toy Manchester Terrier 106
GCh DeeBet's Excalibur Toy Manchester Terrier 21
Szulik's Mister Olaf Toy Manchester Terrier 21
Bayside's Little Wolf de Nanrox Toy Manchester Terrier 1
Ch Depasquiet Lucky Charm Yorkshire Terrier 97
Ch Oz's Storm Chaser Yorkshire Terrier 49
Yorkhouse The Fallen Angel Yorkshire Terrier 10
VeeVee Big Shot At Royalty Yorkshire Terrier 4
Tokio Stribrne Prani Yorkshire Terrier 4
Shoalcreek's Heavenly Liza Yorkshire Terrier 2
Rigair Journey At Shoalcreek Yorkshire Terrier 0
Rigair Supermoon Yorkshire Terrier 0

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