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Group 7 - The top 5 and all point winners in Group 7 for the current week

Top 5 This Week - August 8, 2017 to August 14, 2017

CONFORMATION - Group 7 for August 8, 2017 to August 14, 2017 (Total Points Accumulated)
Dog Name Breed Points
GCh Catchpens Promise For Gold Australian Cattle Dog 65
Catalyst's Bush Party At TK Australian Cattle Dog 20
Byeyo's Miss Lulu Blue Australian Cattle Dog 19
Uretopia's Red Sam Of Byeyo Australian Cattle Dog 3
Byeyo's Gonna Get Me Sum Australian Cattle Dog 1
Rock Raised Lady Blue Australian Cattle Dog 0
GCh Dancin' Eyes 737 Midnite Ride Australian Shepherd 122
GCh Northbay's Rockstar At Kraftbrewd Australian Shepherd 50
Ch Danell's Wild 'N Out Australian Shepherd 49
GCh MountainAsh Cowboy Casanova Australian Shepherd 41
Bayshore Stonehaven Heart Breaker At HHC Australian Shepherd 24
GCh ThundeRun Night Editor Australian Shepherd 20
Fortis's He's Gonna Be Australian Shepherd 14
Ch Harmony Hill's American Graffiti Australian Shepherd 9
Ch Kirrabilli's Flying Archer Australian Shepherd 4
Xsell's Casselcreek Who's That Boy Australian Shepherd 3
Aleshanee On A Whim Australian Shepherd 2
Hearthside Shamelessly Rich Australian Shepherd 2
Casa Blanca's First Lady Australian Shepherd 1
Wenlisa's Valedictorian Australian Shepherd 0
Ch Black Cooper Indian Summer Bearded Collie 107
Rallentando Rhyme Bearded Collie 50
Ch Sheiling Spirit 'N Hope Stay Bearded Collie 46
Buckrams Philly Freedom Bearded Collie 12
Natterjack The Scotsman Bearded Collie 6
Shaggylane Glowing Princess Bearded Collie 5
Tseyi Absolutely Delightful Of Meadows Bearded Collie 0
GChEx Strathearn's Hart And Soul Bearded Collie 0
Dreamchaser Positively Pink Bearded Collie 0
GCh Spike du Mont-Granit Beauceron 82
Merson's Rocket Man Belgian Shepherd Dog 24
GCh Kon Tiki av Vikholmen Belgian Shepherd Dog 23
Eagle Mtn Tangerine Tango Belgian Shepherd Dog 1
Zimbabwe de Lescaut Belgian Shepherd Dog 1
Kynagon Cayenne Sprinkle Border Collie 30
Ch Borderaddik Real Buzz Border Collie 25
Sporting Fields Flying High At Asset Border Collie 11
GChEx Cornus One In A Row Bouvier des Flandres 252
Stonepillar's Storm Chaser Bouvier des Flandres 4
Nebadon's Perfectly Engineered Bouvier des Flandres 0
GCh Grinzing's Jewelled Moonstone Briard 10
GCh Windsong Every Single Day Collie (Rough) 57
Highlandblue Into The Black Collie (Rough) 6
Harvesthil Phantasms Collie (Rough) 6
Omega's Perfect Illusion Collie (Rough) 6
Glasgowhill Nightstar Nightwatchman Collie (Rough) 3
Glasgowhill Brilliant Disguise Collie (Rough) 3
Kicking Up A Storm Collie (Rough) 0
Lapomone Forever Collie (Rough) 0
Livingwater Surf's Up Collie (Rough) 0
Colwick's Front Page News Collie (Smooth) 3
Thistlebrae Grace Too Collie (Smooth) 1
Glasgowhill Nightstar Crusader Collie (Smooth) 1
Armahani Diamond Davvenasti Finnish Lapphund 70
Bearspaw Little Red Corvette Finnish Lapphund 0
GCh Kohlein's Estrella German Shepherd Dog 155
GCh BergerAlemnd's Winning Colour German Shepherd Dog 55
GCh Woodside's Southern Belle German Shepherd Dog 48
Lacomtesse Lucifer Morningstar German Shepherd Dog 27
Ch Erena Vom Burgimwald German Shepherd Dog 21
Ch Harro Von Christiansund German Shepherd Dog 19
Ch Tripphill's Sugar Daddy German Shepherd Dog 19
Jane du Domaine German Shepherd Dog 18
Almar's Tamera-May Of Kennelwood German Shepherd Dog 12
Snowycreek's Galileo Galassia German Shepherd Dog 9
Chilco's Eclipse Of Sunflower German Shepherd Dog 8
Azkas Windofchange For Meliage German Shepherd Dog 3
Hellwigg's Fatal Attraction German Shepherd Dog 0
Kohlein's McKenna German Shepherd Dog 0
Hellwigg's Hot Damn Here I Am German Shepherd Dog 0
Peakes Brook Lucky Stryke's Easy Come Easy Go German Shepherd Dog 0
Audurs Galdra Malfridur Iceland Sheepdog 12
Audurs Glama Iceland Sheepdog 6
Kyon's One Prim And Proper Norwegian Buhund 0
Ch Lambluv's Belewether Boy Old English Sheepdog 153
GCh Valubal Tumbleweed Schadenfreude Old English Sheepdog 71
GCh Bottom Shaker Zhivko Of Stoneyroyde Old English Sheepdog 30
Knightland's Blowin' In The Wind Old English Sheepdog 22
Bagatelle Fly Me To The Moon Old English Sheepdog 0
Loehr's Suzie Q I Think I Love You Old English Sheepdog 0
Nacza Z Domlina Polish Lowland Sheepdog 0
Windkist Naughty By Nature Puli 1
Windkist Klondiker Puli 1
GCh Grandgables Give'm The Boot Shetland Sheepdog 80
Greendor's Renaissance Shetland Sheepdog 50
Stoneboat's Combustible Shetland Sheepdog 49
Ch Tresta Uptown Charm Shetland Sheepdog 48
GCh Magikdream Aristocrate Shetland Sheepdog 46
Ch Bonnyville Westdel Masquerade Shetland Sheepdog 35
Ch Zesta No Questions Asked Shetland Sheepdog 35
GCh Zesta Shiver Me Timbur Shetland Sheepdog 30
Mosaic Sharpshooter Shetland Sheepdog 25
Ch Ramblinbrooks Amazin Grace Shetland Sheepdog 25
Futurehaven Gingerbread Vision Shetland Sheepdog 24
Ch Linspan's Melodaly Gambler Shetland Sheepdog 23
Sharls Crinan She's All That Shetland Sheepdog 23
Grandgables Deja Blue Wriggle Bum Shetland Sheepdog 4
Stoneboat's Kryptonite Shetland Sheepdog 0
Sharls Inspiration Of Wren Shetland Sheepdog 0
Windyrose Zac Brown Shetland Sheepdog 0
Ch Ramblinbrook's Wishin And Hopin Shetland Sheepdog 0
Stonehaven's Bruiser Bukowski Shetland Sheepdog 0
Redpine's Ready Set Go Shetland Sheepdog 0
GCh Esrohollow Radsprings Tuhmater Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) 87
Spock Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) 24
Nootka-N Khaskova's Alice Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) 19
Lillemor's Cantor Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) 7
GChEx Curig FaerieTale Highlander Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) 0

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