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Frick and Frack Pet Resort, Lindsay

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Charlotte Hayward on September 12, 2017 AT 11:09

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October 31, 2017


Frick and Frack Pet Resort is a dog daycare and boarding facility located in Lindsay, Ontario. We also have a small dog supply area. We offer safe, clean accommodations for your dogs while you're away. We let dogs be dogs! While your dog is here, they will experience play with other dogs in our daycare area, a clean, comfortable area to sleep at night (either in our single suites or our sleepover suite), lots of fresh air and fun in our outdoor area, enrichment activities to stimulate the mind, and behavioural supervision from educated staff. Please visit our website at to see our rates and our FAQ section. To contact us, please email or call us at 705 344 4161.



705 344 4161


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