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Group 7 - The top 5 and all point winners in Group 7 for the current week

Top 5 This Week - December 26, 2017 to January 1, 2018

CONFORMATION - Group 7 for December 26, 2017 to January 1, 2018 (Total Points Accumulated)
Dog Name Breed Points
Ch Catalyst's Bush Party At TK Australian Cattle Dog 3
GCh Austlyn N Aquila Captain Navar Australian Cattle Dog 3
Byeyo's Gonna Get Me Sum Australian Cattle Dog 0
GCh Northbay's Rockstar At Kraftbrewd Australian Shepherd 52
Ch Bayberry's Dusk 'Til Dawn Australian Shepherd 0
GCh Natterjack The Scotsman Bearded Collie 38
Ch Romar's Wendy You Want To Eat Bearded Collie 10
Romar's Enry Claymore's Son Bearded Collie 0
Ch Sporting Fields Flying High At Asset Border Collie 37
Asset's Once Upon A Time Border Collie 1
Hollowshot One More Time Border Collie 0
Boyero Triple Twist Salto Bouvier des Flandres 0
GCh Omega Magic Touch Collie (Rough) 81
Comeaway Magic Spell Collie (Rough) 0
Livingwater Surf's Up Collie (Rough) 0
Ch Colwick's Front Page News Collie (Smooth) 4
Moonshadows Hopeful Dreams Collie (Smooth) 1
Moonshadows Cheyenne Collie (Smooth) 0
GCh BergerAlemnd's Winning Colour German Shepherd Dog 93
GCh Woodside's Southern Belle German Shepherd Dog 44
Opal von der Eschelbronner Schlosswiese German Shepherd Dog 0
Kyon's Lekende Lett Norwegian Buhund 2
Kyon's The One From Lillehammer Norwegian Buhund 1
GCh Lambluv's If I Could Turn Back Time At MerryMops Old English Sheepdog 89
Ch Bubbleton Agent Orange Puli 29
GCh Grandgables Give'm The Boot Shetland Sheepdog 55
Wind Dancer Steele The Moment Shetland Sheepdog 2
Grandgables Mesmorize You Shetland Sheepdog 0
Grandgables Cast A Spell Shetland Sheepdog 0
Cermel Quantum Leap Shetland Sheepdog 0

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