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Moncton Kennel Club
May 24, 2024 - May 26, 2024
Moncton, New Brunswick (Indoor)


Description: 5 All Breed Shows / 4 Obedience Trials / 4 Rally Obedience Trials
Address: Moncton Coliseum & Arena, 377 Killam Drive, Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 3T1

Closing Date: Wednesday, May 08, 2024  @ 9:00 p.m. (Atlantic)

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Friday, May 24 (Show-1)
Friday, May 24 (Show-2)
Saturday, May 25 (Show-3)
Sunday, May 26 (Show-4)
Sunday, May 26 (Show-5)

Friday, May 24 (Obedience Trial-1)
Saturday, May 25 (Obedience Trial-2)
Sunday, May 26 (Obedience Trial-3)
Sunday, May 26 (Obedience Trial-4)

Rally Obedience:
Friday, May 24 (Rally Trial-1)
Saturday, May 25 (Rally Trial-2)
Sunday, May 26 (Rally Trial-3)
Sunday, May 26 (Rally Trial-4)

  • Conformation - Sylvia Barkey (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Jeremy Browne (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Robin Hughes (New Brunswick, Canada)
    Conformation - Kim Ramey-Leblanc (Ontario, Canada)
    Conformation - Sharon Luckhart (Quebec, Canada)
    Conformation - Brian Reid (New Brunswick, Canada)
    Conformation - Janelle Robbins (New South Wales, Australia)
    Obedience - Susan Bosence (New Brunswick, Canada)
    Obedience - Diana MacKenzie (Ontario, Canada)
    Rally Obedience - Susan Bosence (New Brunswick, Canada)
    Rally Obedience - Diana MacKenzie (Ontario, Canada)

  •  May 24, 2024
    May 24, 2024
    May 25, 2024
    May 26, 2024
    May 26, 2024
    Bests Janelle RobbinsKim Ramey-LeblancJeremy BrowneBrian ReidSylvia Barkey
    Group 1 Robin HughesSharon LuckhartBrian ReidJeremy BrowneKim Ramey-Leblanc
    Group 2 Sylvia BarkeyJanelle RobbinsKim Ramey-LeblancJeremy BrowneBrian Reid
    Group 3 Sylvia BarkeyJanelle RobbinsBrian ReidKim Ramey-LeblancJeremy Browne
    Group 4 Jeremy BrowneBrian ReidSylvia BarkeyJanelle RobbinsKim Ramey-Leblanc
    Group 5 Sharon LuckhartJeremy BrowneKim Ramey-LeblancSylvia BarkeyBrian Reid
    Group 6 Jeremy BrowneSylvia BarkeyJanelle RobbinsKim Ramey-LeblancBrian Reid
    Group 7

    Group Level
    Kim Ramey-Leblanc

    Kim Ramey-Leblanc
    Appenzeller Sennenhund
    Bergasmasco Shepherd Dog
    Norwegian Buhund
    Polish Lowland Sheepdog
    Portuguese Sheepdog
    Shetland Sheepdog
    Swedish Vallhund
    Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)
    Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

    Sharon Luckhart
    Australian Cattle Dog
    Australian Kelpie
    Australian Shepherd
    Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
    Bearded Collie
    Belgian Shepherd Dog
    Berger Des Pyrenees
    Berger Picard
    Border Collie
    Bouvier des Flandres
    Collie (Rough)
    Collie (Smooth)
    Finnish Lapphund
    German Shepherd Dog
    Iceland Sheepdog
    Miniature American Shepherd
    Old English Sheepdog
    Spanish Water Dog
    Brian ReidSylvia BarkeyJanelle RobbinsJeremy Browne

Judging Panel Change
Bonnie Derry is unable to fulfill her assignment. H. Brian Reid will judge in her place.

Forms & Links

Premium List
Entry Form - Conformation
Entry Form - Obedience and Rally
Judging Schedule

Show Secretary

Nancy Downing
19 Hummingbird Lane
Economy, NS B0M 1B0
Phone: (902) 890-7583
Email: nancy.downing@icloud.com

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Additional Notes
Baby Puppy Competitions (2)
Baby Puppy Competitions will be offered on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday judge: Tina Sanford. Sunday judge: Collin Veinot

Trials Judging Panel Changes
Susan Bosence is unable to judge the Obedience and Rally Obedience trials. The following judge changes are in place:
Obedience Trial #2: Diana McKenzie will now judge this trial
Obedience Trial #3: Paul Oslach will now judge this trial
Raly Obedience Trial #2 and #3: Allison Capson will now judge these trials

Note: Scores earned under the replacement judges will be credited to Susan Bosence.

Event Map
Address: Moncton Coliseum & Arena, 377 Killam Drive, Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 3T1
Disclamer: Map may not display exact location. Use event address to confirm your destination.

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