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Proactive Physical Care for Canine Athletes
September 08, 2019 - September 08, 2019
Palmerston, Ontario

Website: http://www.ssaso.ca/
Description: Proactive Care with Bekka Gunner, RVT
Address: 360 King St, Unit #2, Palmerston, Ontario N0G 2P0
Hosted By: Sled Dog Sports Association of Southwestern Ontario

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This seminar is offered by Sled Dog Sports Association of Southwestern Ontario (SASSO). Presented by Bekka Gunner, RVT. Date: September 8th 10:00 am – 12:00 noon-ish
Location: 360 King St, Unit #2 , Palmerston, ON
Pre-Registration: $35 for 1 dog per person (without dog $30)/ Pre-registration closes Sept 4th at 8pm
Last Minute Registration: $40 with dog & $35 without dog

Minimum of 6 people required to run this Seminar. All money raised goes to help support the MacGregor Point Dryland Sled Dog Derby on Nov 9-10th. Book your spot for this fun and educational Seminar.

E-Transfer to: lisadegennaro@gmail.com

Seminar will be about 1 hour - 1.15 hours of lecture, followed by 1 hour-ish practical time for questions and to learn how to apply what you leaned on your dog.

Seminar will be about proactive physical rehabilitative therapy techniques and identifying pain. This session is open to owners interested in learning how to be proactive about physio care for sport dogs. Order of discussion and demonstration:
1.) desensitizing canine athletes to handling for routine examination
2.) supplemental care including glucosamine, EPA/DHA, probiotic, chondroitin, etc and how to develop a supplemental care as well as an emergency injury care plan with your veterinarian.
3.) pre work out warm up basics
4.) basic stretches and PROM (passive range of motion)
5.) cool down techniques
6.) identifying and localizing sources of pain for timely and effective triage and veterinary care.

Workshop attendees will leave with the basic knowledge to be able to safely perform basic physical exam checks on their personal dogs to help identify changes and signs of stress/pain. The handler will have the basic skills to properly warm up and cool down their dog before and after strenuous physical activity. The handler will be able to do simple physical therapy and stretching techniques to improve their dogs passive range of motion, balance, and overall performance.

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Address: 360 King St, Unit #2, Palmerston, Ontario N0G 2P0
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