Judge Information
Judge Name: Desmond Murphy
Location: New York, USA
Kennel Name:
Types of Shows: Conformation
Type of Breeds
I was born into the Sport. My father and his two brothers were professional handlers, as well as their father and uncle. I have been active in the Sport for 60 years. My very first dog of my own was a Lakeland Terrier, which I got when I was eight years old.

The first twenty years of my life I lived at the Mardormere kennels and was surrounded with over one hundred Whippets and Greyhounds. As a young teenager, I bred Norwich Terriers. When I was around twenty I got very involved breeding and showing Chows, with Sam Draper. I showed many winning Best in Show Chows for about thirty years.

During High school and College I worked part time for the AKC.

I started to judge in 1976. I have only judged a handful of All Breed shows in Canada. I am judged in every Continent of the World. Have judged in nearly 50 different countries. I have judged at the last two World Shows.

I am very proud of starting the Breeders Showcase and Bullygangza at the Santa Barbara Kennel Club. Both of these events have gotten very much International recognition.
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