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Judge Information
Judge Name: Ursula (Timmy) Ralfe
Location: Gauteng, South Africa
Kennel Name:
Types of Shows: Conformation
Type of Breeds
I had been breeding and showing Great Danes for a few years, when one day I saw a picture of an Irish Wolfhound in a magazine in the waiting room of my dentist. 1975. It struck me like lightning: THIS was what I wanted! It took over 2 years until I found the right puppy in October 1977. Charley (Ch. Liscune Cormac) turned out to be a real character, confident, funny, gentle. A wonderful show man, too. What he might have lacked in structural quality he made up for in charm and personality. I kept his son Ben, and then Ben’s son and so on.

I have lived with several Irish Wolfhounds ever since, until my last one – Adam – died in 2000. I live in South Africa, and by then it was time to have dogs that don’t just look like they might defend you.

Since the late 70s I have had the privilege to work with countless Irish Wolfhound puppies in basic obedience and show training, it’s always a pleasure to turn those little hooligans into agreeable little citizens.

I started to judge in the early 1980s, and this has allowed me to see beautiful dogs all over the world. I have judged the breed in many countries, and was privileged to judge Wolfhound Specialties in the USA, Germany, Russia, Ireland and South Africa. I am qualified to judge all Gundogs, Herding, Hounds and Working breeds.

I was the founder chairperson, and I am now an honorary life member of the Irish Wolfhound Club of South Africa, and I have presented several Breed Clinics on their behalf – a slide show which explains in some detail the breed standard requirements.
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