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Judge Name: Stefan Mitrevski
Location: Skopje, Macedonia
Kennel Name:
Types of Shows: Conformation
Type of Breeds
Stefan Mitrevski became involved in showing and breeding dogs from 2005 starting a successful exhibitor career,helping with the organization of Macedonian dog shows, and in 2007 registered his Siberian Husky Kennel “Inner Vision”. That way he began the "Inner Vision" breeding program and since that time has won many national and international shows where he had great success due to the outstanding producing ability of his foundation sires and dams. He participated as an exhibitor at the European and World Dog Shows as well, with great results. In 2015 dogs from our breeding become: "Silverado of Inner Vision"- "Junior World Winner and "Tristan of Inner Vision" - Vice Junior European Winner "Tristan Of Inner Vision". In 2016 we got one more Vice Junior European Winner - Inner Vision Viva El Paso. In 2021 Ch. Inner Vision Fabian become Vice World Winner as well.

Born in Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia, Stefan loved animals from an early age, especially dogs and cats that grew up by his side. This special kind of love and affection towards dogs started with the hunting dogs and Irish Setter that he owned as young. Together with his family later in 1994 owned few German Shepherds, but later on as his taste developed, he become devoted to the Siberian Husky Breed. He has been fortunate to breed many dogs that became National and International Champions, Best in Show winners. He has also exported many show dogs across the USA, Europe and Asia in respectful and established kennels.

He was President and one of the founders of the Kennel Club for Polar Breeds in Macedonia and now he is President of All breeds Kennel Club "Polaris", he was involved in organizing many specialty shows in the past years and working towards continuing this great tradition in promoting the Macedonian sinology. From 2018 till 2020 he was member of Presidium of Kennel Association of Macedonia, FCI judge from 2011 and was member of judges' examination commission and has offered his expertise on national and international shows as well as on specialty shows around the world. He has been judging in: Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Italy, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Sweden, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Poland, Lithuania, Moldova, France, Czech Republic Iceland, Belgium, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Brazil!
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