Judge Information
Judge Name: Mareth Kipp
Location: Wisconsin, USA
Kennel Name:
Types of Shows: Conformation
Type of Breeds
Breeds: Airedale Terrier

Owned/Exhibited: Smooth & Wire Fox, Norfolk, Norwich and Lakeland Terriers and Pointer

I have bred and owned Airedales for a good portion of my life. Our first was very much a pet, and probably not purebred, but she started us on the path to find something better. We were lucky enough to purchase a very well bred bitch and as they say, the rest is history. We bred over 85 champions to date and wonderful companions as well. We have had two Best in Show winners as well as national, regional and local specialty winners. As with many other triedand- true dog people, at one time or another, we have also owned a Smooth and Wire Fox Terrier, a Norfolk and Norwich, a Lakeland and a Pointer. However my first love has always been the Airedale.

I started judging over 30 years ago and have judged our national specialty several times as well as the Airedale Terrier Club of Canada National Specialty. It is always very special to me when I am asked to judge national specialty shows for breeds other than Airedales, and I have been lucky enough to have been asked often to do just that.

The dogs have been very good to me in that I have had the opportunity to travel the world. I have walked The Great Wall in China, toured the Forbidden City in China as well, spent time in Australia and New Zealand, toured around Buenos Aires, Argentina as well as Bogota, Colombia in South America, many countries in Europe and one of my crowning judging assignments was in South Africa where following the show, I was taken on a five-day safari in Krueger National Park – what an experience.

I also have a wonderful private life. We have a dairy farm in Southeast Wisconsin, four grown children and five super grandchildren. I love to cook, and bake, knit and read and I also love to volunteer at our hospital in the Recovery Room. As you can see, I don’t sit around a lot wondering what to do with my life, I have found many things to keep me occupied.
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