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Enjoy Your Time Away!

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Cheryl Orletsky on January 11, 2018 AT 06:01

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January 31, 2018


We are passionate about helping people be able to enjoy their time away, without thinking of your dogs as being “in jail”. Our service is a Completely-Cagefree style of boarding -- which means that your dog will never be put behind bars! We have two separate playrooms, one for the more active and large dogs and another room for the senior and/or smaller dogs. Your dog will be with other dogs and humans 24 hours per day -- they are never put in kennels, not even during the night! Visit us on our facebook page to see all the pictures of our furry friends, so you can see how this style of boarding is so very different. @holidaypetcare Thornhill, Ontario 416-561-7387





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