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Conformation Handling Classes

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Linda Brookes on February 28, 2018 AT 03:02

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May 31, 2018


Cooperative Dog Handling Practice Where: Newport Corner Community Hall, corner of Lynch Road and Hwy 215, Newport Corner/Ellershouse, Exit 4 off Hwy 101 When: Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:00 PM Cost: $10 per person Bring your dog(s) and have some time to practice as we gear up for another show season. Don’t forget to bring bait, your lead, and a crate to put your dog in when it’s your turn to be “the judge”. During these practice sessions, there will not be a “teacher” per se. Each participant will take a turn to be a pretend “judge” to go over the dogs (for the dogs to become used to being touched while stacked) and then direct the participants through floor patterns and “go-rounds”. All participants are encouraged to ask for help from others as to suggestions on how to overcome challenges they are finding when showing their dog (holding still, side-winding, pacing, etc.). Participants are asked to provide positive assistance to each other in order to help them improve their





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