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Beautiful Older Female CKC Registered German Shepherd Pup

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Laura Browning on May 22, 2019 AT 03:05

End Date

July 31, 2019


This is Cleo's Hellfire of The Wolf Clan Kennel. Cleo is a female pup from Embla von Boomlake(ped etc) and Brix z Bielej plane(ped etc) She is 10 months old being born on July 19th 2018. She is beautiful, sturdy, balanced temperament ed girl, who is both loving and a big cuddlebug as well as an active, agile German Shepherd pup. She requires alot of one on one and as intelligent she is, she needs alot of interaction and exercise daily. She is nice and calm in the house and is totally house and crate trained. Walking on leash is a work in progress. She has an excellent sit and down and knows basic house commands. She is a large girl weighing in lastly about at 8 month of age at 70.5 pounds lean. She is mainly black and red with tan and alitte white. She has almond shaped, medium brown eyes that will melt your heart. We are going to check her out to see if bite work will be a possibility. Until now it was a question but she is maturing and changing daily. We think she




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