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Nose Work - Scent Work

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Brenda Cox on October 11, 2020 AT 03:10

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December 31, 2022


Harness the power of your dog's nose! Nose Work classes from an NACSW certified instructor in the Mission, Fraser Valley, BC area. I'm an NACSW Elite level competitor who emphasizes the fun and rewarding aspects of this amazing sport as well as the competitive building blocks. CKC, AKC, NACSW, SDDA, SSG, ABC Games, C-Wags are some of the titling organizations. Building confidence and focus are hallmarks of this unique sport. Best of all, your relationship with your dog will deepen! Students find that nose work has positive ramifications in the other dog sports, including conformation. There's a reason that nose work is the fastest growing dog sport in the world. Don't hesitate to reach out to learn more!



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