CH Altadach Ariel Atom SL
Dachshund (Standard Long-Haired)
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Call Name: Skylar - (Male)
Owner: Tatyana Godin & Anna Maria Roiter
Breeder: Tatyana Godin

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Dec. 2022 Nov. 2022 Oct. 2022 Sept.2022 Aug. 2022
Breed Ranking: 21 21 21 21 20
Group Ranking: 583 574 556 521 485
All Breed Ranking: 4836 4703 4557 4239 3813

Top Dog Points Summary
All Breed Specialty
BIS RBIS GRP 1 GRP 2 GRP 3 GRP 4   GRP 1 GRP 2 GRP 3 GRP 4 BOB   Points
0 0 0 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 2   2
Win Record - 2022
Show Date
Thousand Islands Kennel & Obedience Club August 19 to August 21, 2022
Day Position   Judge Points
Friday Winners Dog   Michael Guy (2-1-2-3)
  1st Open Dog Class   Michael Guy N/A
  Best Of Winners   Olga Gagne (2-1-2-3)
  Winners Dog   Olga Gagne (2-1-2-3)
  1st Open Dog Class   Olga Gagne N/A

Show Date
Kars Dog Club July 22 to July 23, 2022
Day Position   Judge Points
Saturday 1st Open Dog Class   Rita Walker N/A
  Best Of Winners   Rita Walker (1-1-1-1)
  Winners Dog   Rita Walker (1-1-1-1)
Friday Best Of Winners   Maria Del Rocio Nadal (1-1-1-1)
  Winners Dog   Maria Del Rocio Nadal (1-1-1-1)
  1st Open Dog Class   Maria Del Rocio Nadal N/A

Show Date
Ontario Breeders Association July 18 to July 21, 2022
Day Position   Judge Points
Thursday Winners Dog   Edgar Bajona (1-1-1-0)
  1st Open Dog Class   Edgar Bajona N/A
Wednesday Best Of Winners   Kenneth Chuah (1-1-1-0)
  Winners Dog   Kenneth Chuah (1-1-1-0)
  1st Open Dog Class   Kenneth Chuah N/A
Tuesday Winners Dog   Yogesh Tuteja (1-1-1-0)
  1st Open Dog Class   Yogesh Tuteja N/A
Monday Best Of Winners   Guillermo Carrillo (Dr) (1-1-1-0)
  Winners Dog   Guillermo Carrillo (Dr) (1-1-1-0)
  1st Open Dog Class   Guillermo Carrillo (Dr) N/A

Show Date
Kars Dog Club July 14 to July 17, 2022
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday Best Of Winners LTD Breed Show Nancy Bodine (1-1-1-0)
  Winners Dog LTD Breed Show Nancy Bodine (1-1-1-0)
  1st Open Dog Class LTD Breed Show Nancy Bodine N/A
  Best Of Winners   Joan Colbourn (1-1-1-0)
  Winners Dog   Joan Colbourn (1-1-1-0)
  1st Open Dog Class   Joan Colbourn N/A
Saturday Best Of Winners   Peter Martin (3-4-0-0)
  Winners Dog   Peter Martin (3-4-0-0)
  1st Open Dog Class   Peter Martin N/A
Friday Winners Dog   Irene Latchford (1-1-1-1)
  1st Open Dog Class   Irene Latchford N/A
Thursday Best Of Winners   Jean Tremblay (1-1-1-1)
  Winners Dog   Jean Tremblay (1-1-1-1)
  1st Open Dog Class   Jean Tremblay N/A

Show Date
Southern Ontario Scent Hounds July 14 to July 15, 2022
Day Position   Judge Points
Friday 1st Open Dog Class   Kristen Francis N/A
  Best Of Breed   Kristen Francis 1 (1-1-0-0)
  Best Of Winners   Kristen Francis (1-1-0-0)
  Winners Dog   Kristen Francis (1-1-0-0)
Thursday Best Of Winners   Lynn White (1-1-0-0)
  Winners Dog   Lynn White (1-1-0-0)
  1st Open Dog Class   Lynn White N/A
  Best Of Breed   Lynn White 1 (1-1-0-0)

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