BPISS Ch. Turbar’s Spinal Tap HT
Australian Shepherd
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Call Name: Eleven - (Male)
Owner: Richelle Nelson
Breeder: Richelle Nelson
Conformation Handler: Tammy Sawatzky
Website: http://www.turbaraussies.com

Standings as of

Conformation Show Record



Current 1 Month Ago 2 Months Ago 3 Months Ago 4 Months Ago
Breed Ranking: 4 3 1 1 N/A
Group Ranking: 21 14 6 6 N/A
All Breed Ranking: 141 127 11 11 N/A

Top Dog Points Summary
All Breed Specialty
BIS RBIS GRP 1 GRP 2 GRP 3 GRP 4   GRP 1 GRP 2 GRP 3 GRP 4 BOB   Points
0 0 0 0 0 1   0 1 0 0 2   126
Win Record - 2021
Show Date
Alberta Kennel Club [Summer Classic] July 30 to August 02, 2021
Day Position   Judge Points
Monday BPIG LTD Breed Show Richard Lopaschuk N/A
  Best Of Breed   Richard Paquette 8
Sunday BPIG   Lynda Saranchuk N/A
Saturday Best Puppy In Show   Yvonne Savard N/A
  Best Of Breed   Lynda Saranchuk 6
  BPIG   Sandy Alexander N/A
  Group 4th   Sandy Alexander 32
Friday BPIG   Mel Saranchuk N/A

Show Date
Rocky Mountain Working Herding Club of Alberta [Specialty] July 17 to July 18, 2021
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday BPIG   Corinne Walker N/A
  Best Puppy In Breed   Corinne Walker N/A
  Group 2nd   Corinne Walker 79
  Best Of Winners   Corinne Walker (1-6-1-1)
  Best Of Breed   Corinne Walker 8 (1-6-1-1)
  Winners Dog   Corinne Walker (1-6-1-1)
  Best Puppy In Multi-Breed Specialty   Bonnie Derry N/A
Saturday Best Puppy In Breed   Bonnie Derry N/A
  Best Of Winners   Bonnie Derry (4-6-2-1)
  Winners Dog   Bonnie Derry (4-6-2-1)

Show Date
Saskatoon Working and Herding Dog Association May 15 to May 16, 2021
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday Best Puppy In Breed   Sharon Derrick N/A
  Best Of Winners   Sharon Derrick N/A
  Winners Dog   Sharon Derrick N/A
Saturday Winners Dog   Linda Kraft N/A
  Best Of Breed   Linda Kraft 7 (2-2-3-1)
  Best Puppy In Breed   Linda Kraft N/A
  Best Of Winners   Linda Kraft N/A

Obedience Show Record


Rally Obedience Show Record


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