BIS BPIS Ch Symarun Not Ready To Make Nice
Shih Tzu
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Call Name: Naughty - (Female)
Owner: Stephane St-Onge
Breeder: Carol and Carrie Randle
Handler: Lynda Torrance

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Dec. 2015 Nov. 2015 Oct. 2015 Sept.2015 Aug. 2015
Breed Ranking: 1 1 1 1 1
Group Ranking: 32 32 29 26 25
All Breed Ranking: 261 258 238 227 227

Top Dog Points Summary
All Breed Specialty
BIS RBIS GRP 1 GRP 2 GRP 3 GRP 4   GRP 1 GRP 2 GRP 3 GRP 4 BOB   Points
1 0 3 3 1 3   0 0 0 0 0   338
Win Record - 2015
Show Date
Credit Valley Kennel & Obedience Club November 06 to November 08, 2015
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday BPIG   Keke Kahn N/A
Friday Best Puppy In Show   Shirley Limoges N/A
  BPIG   Thora Brown N/A
  BPIG   Martin Doherty N/A

Show Date
Trillium Dog Fanciers October 30 to November 01, 2015
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday Best Of Breed   Edd Bivin 0
Saturday BPIG   Charles Olvis N/A
  Best Of Breed   Charles Olvis 0
Friday BPIG   Grant Townsend N/A
  Best Of Breed   Grant Townsend 0

Show Date
Belleville & District Kennel Club October 23 to October 25, 2015
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday Group 4th   Roger Hartinger 11
  BPIG   Roger Hartinger N/A
  Best Of Breed   Roger Hartinger 0
Saturday Best Of Breed   Paula Hartinger 0
Friday BPIG   Jacqueline Rusby N/A
  BPIG   Ted Fahlgren N/A
  Best Of Breed   Jacqueline Rusby 0
  Best Of Breed   Ted Fahlgren 0

Show Date
Club Canin Chomedey September 18 to September 20, 2015
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday Group 4th   Vickie Umpleby 6
  Best Of Breed   Vickie Umpleby 0
Saturday BPIG   James Reynolds N/A
  Best Of Breed   James Reynolds 0
Friday Group 4th   Keke Kahn 19
  BPIG   Keke Kahn N/A
  Best Of Breed   Keke Kahn 0

Show Date
Societe Canine Beauceronne August 15 to August 16, 2015
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday Group 2nd   Michelle Scott 7
  BPIG   Michelle Scott N/A
  Group 1st   Sue-Ellyn Rempel 11
  BPIG   Sue-Ellyn Rempel N/A
  Best Of Breed   Michelle Scott 0
  Best Of Breed   Sue-Ellyn Rempel 0
Saturday Group 3rd   David Swartwood 4
  Group 1st   Michael Shoreman 9
  BPIG   Michael Shoreman N/A
  Best Of Breed   David Swartwood 0
  Best Of Breed   Michael Shoreman 0

Show Date
Societe Canine de Quebec July 31 to August 02, 2015
Day Position   Judge Points
Sunday Best In Show   Robert Indeglia (Dr) 243
  Best Puppy In Show   Robert Indeglia (Dr) N/A
  Group 1st   Robert Indeglia (Dr) 20
  BPIG   Robert Indeglia (Dr) N/A
  Best Of Breed   Robert Indeglia (Dr) 0
Saturday Group 2nd   Brian Taylor 18
  BPIG   Brian Taylor N/A
  Best Of Breed   Brian Taylor 0
Friday Group 2nd   Peter Laventhall-Wolfish 10
  BPIG   Peter Laventhall-Wolfish N/A
  Best Of Breed   Kim Ramey-Leblanc 0
  Best Of Breed   Peter Laventhall-Wolfish 0

Obedience Show Record


Rally Obedience Show Record


* Group 1st points are included in the BIS total and are displayed here for information purpose only.
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