Ontario Breeders Association
Friday, February 20, 2009

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Best In Show
Judge: Linda Kraft
Beagle  Ch Torquay Be Nice To Me
Points: 365 TOP DOG points (** see disclaimer at bottom)
Reserve Best In Show
Judge: Linda Kraft
Bearded Collie  GCh Strathearn's Hart And Soul
Best Puppy In Show
Judge: Linda Kraft
Norwich Terrier   Rosecroft Nereus

Group 1 - Linda Kraft Top Dog
Group 1st   
GCh Southern's Red White & Blue
  Spaniel (American Cocker)   69
Group 2nd   
Ch Fishercreek A Star Is Born
  Retriever (Flat-Coated)   62
Group 3rd   Ch Editions Good MorningAmerica   Setter (English)   58
Group 4th   Ch Saxony's Mountain Bird   Setter (Irish)   56
BPIG    Elmhill's Raine Dancer   Weimaraner   N/A

Group 2 - Linda Kraft Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Torquay Be Nice To Me   Beagle   31
Group 2nd   Ch Baruh'n Schaumburgs Hoo's Hoo   Basenji   30
Group 3rd   
Ch GrandGables Wee Mr Red Thorn
  Dachshund (Miniature Smooth-Haired)   29
Group 4th   Ch Dragonsong's Maddison Ave   Whippet   26
Ch Generation Leaps To Mars
  Afghan Hound   N/A

Group 3 - Evelyn Beilhartz Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Avatars Try Try Again   Bernese Mountain Dog   66
Group 2nd   
Ch Whisper Hills Top Hat N' Tails
  Great Dane   60
Group 3rd   Ch Claircreek Femme Fatale   Portuguese Water Dog   55
Group 3rd   
Ch TsarShadows Jatkosota
  Karelian Bear Dog   56
BPIG    Vanderbilt's Johnny Angel   Samoyed   N/A

Group 4 - Darle Heck Top Dog
Group 1st   
Gateway Sparks Of Glahms
  Dandie Dinmont Terrier   32
Group 2nd   Ch Cranmoss Finbar Of Colinca   Kerry Blue Terrier   30
Group 3rd   
Ch Zlatapraha Brubeck
  Cesky Terrier   29
Group 4th   Ch Manoir's Match Pointe   Lakeland Terrier   28
BPIG    Rosecroft Nereus   Norwich Terrier   N/A

Group 5 - Linda Kraft Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Hallmark Jolei Grand Slam
  Pekingese   64
Group 2nd   
Ch Lyntoms Tutti Frutti Tortoni
  Pug   61
Group 3rd   GCh Bolowski V.H. Lamslag   Cavalier King Charles Spaniel   56
Group 4th   
Ch Hilanne's Shoot For The Moon
  Affenpinscher   47
Mojito's El Capitan
  Havanese   N/A

Group 6 - Michel Bouchard Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Bar-None Dawin Ahead Of The Game   Poodle (Standard)   42
Group 2nd   
Ch Mi-Pao's Thor
  Chow Chow   26
Group 3rd   
Ch Salishan Gonna Knock Your Socks Off
  Tibetan Terrier   25
Group 4th   
Ch Nuuktok's Atka Inukshuk
  American Eskimo Dog (Standard)   24
Cranbrooke Start Me Up
  Dalmatian   N/A

Group 7 - Darle Heck Top Dog
Group 1st   GCh Strathearn's Hart And Soul   Bearded Collie   55
Group 2nd   Ch Vanlousvir's Black Jack   German Shepherd Dog   52
Group 3rd   Ch Blueshires Once In A Blue Moon   Old English Sheepdog   48
Group 4th   Ch Lynphil's Porscha   Shetland Sheepdog   46
BPIG    Rikadon's Cotillion   Shetland Sheepdog   N/A
Disclaimer: These are not official CKC results. If you spot any incorrect results, please visit Results Correction Page. We rely on the goodwill of volunteers to provide us with results and mistakes are corrected as soon as we receive them. For official results, contact the Canadian Kennel Club.

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