Northern Alberta Canine Association
Sunday, June 7, 2015 - Obedience Trial 3

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-- Michelle Whistlecraft --
Wolffman's Kosmic Lunar Karma AGNS, AGNJS
MHIT, CH Wathaman's Xtremely Xplosive Am/Can CDX, Am/Can HT, DD, AGIs, AGIJs, OAP, NAJP, PADNs, NFP, RN, Am RE, CS, CI, CS-T, HIC
Wathaman's YouOttaB N Pictures
MHIT, CH, MOTCH & AGMCHV Wathaman's Trainwrek O Trouble Am UD, TD, Am/Can HT, PT, HSS, HSAS, RE, Am RAE, NAP, NAJP, VER, PADN, HIC, CGN, TT
MHIT, CH & GMOTCH Wathaman's Vandalizing Vegas Am UD, Am HT, Am/Can RE, AGXV, AGXJV, OAP, OAJP, VER, PADIV, NFP, HIC, CGN, TT
Owner: Michelle Whistlecraft

High In Trial
Judge: Gwen Roswell
Poodle (Miniature)  
MOTCh Belcourt Cool Dude / Lee Kozicki

Pre-Novice - Deb Desjardine
Armosos Just Wyatt
 Chihuahua (Long Coat)  Linda Courtney N/A
Dejuco Arou
 German Shepherd Dog  Shauna Ross N/A

Novice A - Deb Desjardine
Windmar's Gemma
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  David & Robyn Lemieux 194.5
Mainwynds High Score
 Doberman Pinscher  Jessica Munro 190.0
Asia Vom Wahren Blut
 German Shepherd Dog  Shauna Ross 185.0

Novice B - Deb Desjardine
Ch Caruaidd's Star Over The Seine
 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  Maureen Olson 189.0
Baywood Appletini
 Portuguese Water Dog  Brenda Brown 181.5

Open A - Gwen Roswell
Ch Lillemore Sir Confessor
 Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)  Laurie Hlewka 189.0

Open B - Linda Scanlon
MOTCh Belcourt Cool Dude
 Poodle (Miniature)  Lee Kozicki 198.5
Spirit's Gold Rush
 Retriever (Golden)  Karen Dowell 198.0
OTCh A Scarlett Letter De Crysalex
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Caraley Scott 196.5
Ch Wathaman's Xtremely Xplosive
 Rottweiler  Michelle Whistlecraft 195.0
MOTCh Wynwoods Rising Son
 Retriever (Golden)  Peter & Rose Tomicic 194.5
Ch Wynzall Harvey Wallbanger
 Griffon (Brussels)  Colleen MacLachlan 193.5
GMOTCh AGMCh Ladylin's Keisha Kiss
 Shiba Inu  Linda Humeniuk 193.5
MOTCh Criterion Bear In The Sky
 Poodle (Standard)  Susan Warner 191.5
Cintara Copper Myne At Ladylin
 Shiba Inu  Linda Humeniuk 191.0

Utility A - Gwen Roswell
Ch Kavon's Ring Of Fire
 Australian Shepherd  Kathleen Conway 192.0

Utility B - Gwen Roswell
MOTCh Belcourt Cool Dude
 Poodle (Miniature)  Lee Kozicki 198.5
GMOTCh Spirit Of Love II
 Retriever (Golden)  Karen Dowell 198.0
Wynwood's Storyteller
 Retriever (Golden)  Linda Zakowski 190.0

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