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Saturday, May 26, 2018 - Rally Trial 6

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Novice A - Sharon Smith
Barentsnight Object Of Art
 Black Russian Terrier  Tatiana & Doug Adams 89.0

Novice B - Sharon Smith
Chieftain's Hit The Jackpot
 Boxer  Karen Broadway 70.0

Intermediate - Sharon Smith
Bulldacious En Vie
 Bulldog  Jill Straby 75.0
Russett Harmony's Rusty Riley
 Vizsla (Smooth-Haired)  Dee Laurie-Beaumont 72.0

Advanced A - Sharon Smith
Waverlyglen's Fox In Socks
 Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier  Dave Campbell 96.0
Barentsnight La Dolce Vita
 Black Russian Terrier  Tatiana Adams 80.0
Riverwaves Sound Of Thundering
 Portuguese Water Dog  Dave Campbell 78.0

Advanced B - Sharon Smith
Ch MOTCh Domino Play It Again
 Whippet  Katherine Darbyshire 100.0
Ch Signet Sequin
 Poodle (Miniature)  Joanna Wilson 89.0
Zeus (10000131)
 Mixed Breed  Marjory Bird 82.0

Excellent A - Sharon Smith
No Qualifiers

Excellent B - Sharon Smith
Ch MOTCh Domino Play It Again
 Whippet  Katherine Darbyshire 89.0
Zeus (10000131)
 Mixed Breed  Marjory Bird 87.0

Master - Sharon Smith
Ch MOTCh Feldspar Pink Sapphire
 Poodle (Standard)  Terri Hotchkiss 85.0

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