Halifax Kennel Club
Sunday, September 5, 2010

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Novice A - Brenda Juskow
Zoomin at Roanoke
 Australian Shepherd  Rebecca Dunstan 99.0
Ch Ashstone's Spare No Expense
 Havanese  Michelle Jessop 99.0
Herdabout Number One Treki
 Shetland Sheepdog  Karen Jackson 96.0
Feldberg's Magic Moment
 German Shepherd Dog  Courtney van Houten 95.0

Novice B - Brenda Juskow
Summerbay's Archer at Willowbec
 Retriever (Golden)  Shawn Kelly 96.0
Ch Vanderbilt Paint Me Pretentious
 Samoyed  Linda Johnson 94.0
Ch Nicasa's Noble v Anwartschafts
 German Shepherd Dog  Renee Morris 94.0
Ch Seawind's Stormstayed
 Keeshond  Gladys H. Gates 89.0

Advanced A - Brenda Juskow
Regalridge Batman
 Welsh Terrier  Carrie Elward 98.0
Ch Caitland Walk on the Wildside
 Australian Shepherd  Lisa Dahr 96.0
Finnshavn's Abby Lehave
 Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)  Sandie Ellicott 84.0
Bullseye's I Believe In U
 Australian Terrier  Margaret Morine 84.0
Finnshavn's Ffeiry Ffairie
 Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)  Sandie Ellicott 82.0

Advanced B - Brenda Juskow
Ch Cobbercrest Puttin On the Ritz
 Australian Shepherd  Lisa Dahr 98.0
Ch Armani
 Doberman Pinscher  Elizabeth Burke 97.0
Ch Backcountry's Heaven Sent
 Bernese Mountain Dog  Jennifer Julian 95.0
Ch Kelbren Periwinkle
 Shetland Sheepdog  Sylvia Parsons 93.0
GCh Vanderbilt's Man O'War
 Samoyed  Linda Johnson 93.0
Ch Summerbay's You Can't Catch Me
 Retriever (Golden)  MArina Williams 87.0

Excellent A - Brenda Juskow
Windanna's Shillelagh Lad
 Retriever (Labrador)  Cynthia Penney 77.0
Ch Wyndenfog's O My Soul
 Shetland Sheepdog  Cathy Ferguson 74.0

Excellent B - Brenda Juskow
Ch Pocotesoro El Cometa Del Rey
 Havanese  Claire Paulson 99.0
Ch Armani
 Doberman Pinscher  Elizabeth Burke 97.0
MOTCh Shane 'N Peppermills Black Gold
 Schnauzer (Standard)  Carol Hartnett 95.0
Ch Backcountry's Heaven Sent
 Bernese Mountain Dog  Jennifer Julian 91.0
Shelhaven Casey
 Shetland Sheepdog  Margaret Morine 89.0
Cinderye's Bella Muchache
 Shetland Sheepdog  Kim Allen 86.0
GCh Vanderbilt's Man O'War
 Samoyed  Linda Johnson 83.0

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: These are not official CKC results. If you spot any incorrect results, please email sue@canuckdogs.com. We rely on the goodwill of volunteers to provide us with results and mistakes are corrected as soon as we receive them. Where there is a tie for a score, results may not be listed in order of placement. For official results, contact the Canadian Kennel Club.

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