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Saturday, March 21, 2015 - Obedience Trial 2

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-- Jill Cairns --
Tidewaters Five O Bookem Danno WCI JH RN CGN PCD DD
Owner: Jill Cairns

High In Trial
Judge: Gail Carroll
Retriever (Flat-Coated)   Prairielight Sweet Dreams / Hans & Margareta Berin

Pre-Novice - Gail Carroll
Ch Satika's Valiant Gladiator
 Shiba Inu  Dianne Lee Renko N/A
Telscombe Unique Patent
 Poodle (Standard)  Helene Hetherington N/A
Maraby's Dread Pirate Cooper
 Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)  David Bellerive N/A
Vizslavilla's Dragon Copper
 Vizsla (Smooth-Haired)  Oksana Moshynska N/A

Novice A - Gail Carroll
 Retriever (Labrador)  Kathy Calvin 192.0
 Mixed Breed  Melissa Meacham 191.0
Tidewaters Five O Bookem Danno
 Retriever (Golden)  Jill Cairns 190.0

Novice B - Gail Carroll
Charmlee's Ever Op Tim Istic
 Retriever (Golden)  Lianne Daradics 193.0
Waskasoo's Quintessential Gent
 Beagle  Jackie Erb 191.5
Ch Bondir's Adelaide A Tricaliber
 Spaniel (English Springer)  Sue Salloum 191.0

Novice C - Gail Carroll
OTCh Kasomor's New Monster Shoes
 Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)  Shelly Campbell 192.5

Open A - Gail Carroll
Ch Terrawyn's Rant N Roar
 Schnauzer (Miniature)  Shirley Sarvas 188.0

Open B - Gail Carroll
Prairielight Sweet Dreams
 Retriever (Flat-Coated)  Hans & Margareta Berin 196.5
Charmlee's Emerald
 Retriever (Golden)  Lianne Daradics 195.0
Smok'nGold's SkyRocket N' Flyte
 Retriever (Golden)  Marsha Hall 194.0

Utility A - Gail Carroll
No Qualifiers

Utility B - Gail Carroll
No Qualifiers

Veterans - Gary Overs
Nightsun Rising Star
 Airedale Terrier  Heather Faulkner 196.0
MOTCh Charmlee's TnJ's Special Blend
 Retriever (Golden)  Lianne Daradics 196.0

Brace - Gary Overs
MOTCh Charmlee's TnJ's Special Blend
 Retriever (Golden)  Lianne Daradics 195.0
Charmlee's Emerald
 Retriever (Golden)  Lianne Daradics N/A

Wildcard Open - Gary Overs
Ch Animation's Matrix Obsession
 Retriever (Golden)  Jill Cairns & Angela Yeo 191.0

Wildcard Utility - Gary Overs
Charmlee's Emerald
 Retriever (Golden)  Lianne Daradics 196.0
OTCh Kasomor's New Monster Shoes
 Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)  Shelly Campbell 195.5

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