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Sunday, December 1, 2013 - Rally Trial 3

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Rally Obedience

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Sunday, December 01 (Rally Trial 3)
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-- Jill Cairns --
Tidewaters Five O Bookem Danno RN WC JH
Owner: Jill Cairns

Novice A - Jill Werle
Ch Sheep's Kin Blue's Yur Daddy
 Australian Shepherd  Kasandra Wollis 97.0
Kandansk Fleur De Mirabelle
 Poodle (Standard)  Rod & Elaine Stutt 91.0

Novice B - Jill Werle
Trax Kill Bill
 Weimaraner  Megan Bastien 100.0
Acostar's Crazy Water Sim
 Portuguese Water Dog  Coral Atnikov 95.0
Kerhaven's Charismatic Dream
 Collie (Rough)  Melodie Christbason 88.0
Kerhaven's Three Times A Lady
 Collie (Rough)  Melodie Christbason 88.0
Icatcher Caught Speeding
 Whippet  Amanda Bosley 83.0

Advanced A - Jill Werle
McMix Masongo
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Barbara Beare 97.0
Carolot Jay The Second
 Retriever (Golden)  Andrew Gurr 82.0

Advanced B - Jill Werle
Enigma's Daydream Believer
 Rhodesian Ridgeback  Colette Deters 99.0
GCh Striders SugarSugar V WishMastr
 Great Dane  Brenda Theaker 99.0
Gratia's All The Rave
 Shetland Sheepdog  Nancy Howard 98.0
Ch Torlan's Jumpin Jack Splash
 Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)  Gail Lockstead 96.0
Shawndee's Troubadour
 Airedale Terrier  Heather Faulkner 93.0
Stella (11000003)
 Spaniel (English Springer)  Amber Levy 90.0
Ch Adominos To-Jo So Raven Apeel
 Tibetan Terrier  Pat Delorme 85.0

Excellent A - Jill Werle
No Entry

Excellent B - Jill Werle
Stella (11000003)
 Spaniel (English Springer)  Amber Levy 100.0
GCh Striders SugarSugar V WishMastr
 Great Dane  Brenda Theaker 100.0
Charmlee's Got Torque
 Retriever (Golden)  Lianne Daradics 99.0
Ch Torlan's Jumpin Jack Splash
 Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)  Gail Lockstead 99.0
Elderslie's Be Wise Be Knowing
 Bearded Collie  Endrika Evans 94.0
Charmlee's Emerald
 Retriever (Golden)  Lianne Daradics 91.0
Ch Cherfire Spenclyn Winter's Eve
 Collie (Rough)  Joyce Baker 90.0
Carolots Lady Windstar Of Eire
 Retriever (Golden)  Elaine Ford 85.0
Del Brave Flying Colours
 Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)  Patti Kipper & Bonnie Mountenay 79.0

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