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Friday, July 23, 2010

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-- Linda Thompson --
Ch. Brandy Hills ImaMazing v Reichrott
Owner/Breeder: Joe/Rene Allegrini and Joe Panaro
Handled By Linda Thompson
Best In Show
Judge: Thomas Burke
Ch Kinnike Highgrove
Points: 334 TOP DOG points (** see disclaimer at bottom)
Best Puppy In Show
Judge: Thomas Burke
Cesky Terrier  
Ch Zlatapraha Hancock

Group 1 - Thomas Burke Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Kinnike Highgrove
  Pointer   72
Group 2nd   
GCh Captiva's Turning Heads
  Setter (Irish)   69
Group 3rd   
Ch Tabatha's Autumn Rustle
  Retriever (Labrador)   68
Group 4th   
Ch Cerise Barbaro
  Spaniel (English Springer)   48
BPIG    Honeybrae's Fancy Knickers   Spaniel (English Cocker)   N/A

Group 2 - Honey Glendinning Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Soletrader Bjorn Borg   Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen   32
Group 2nd   
Ch Mijkelh Sikanni of Procyon
  Afghan Hound   31
Group 3rd   Ch Desert Dune At Curiann   Irish Wolfhound   28
Group 4th    Jayenn's Hot Nickel Holly   Finnish Spitz   26
BPIG   Ch Dragonsong Thalpet Padmini   Whippet   N/A

Group 3 - Beryl Hession Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Lynbary's Temptation
  Boxer   60
Group 2nd   
Ch Del Sur How Now
  Portuguese Water Dog   57
Group 3rd   
Ch Royal Future JP Izanagi Of Dabney
  Doberman Pinscher   52
Group 4th    Dyfrgi's Tur Ture   Karelian Bear Dog   45
Ch Snowmist's Smooth Ride
  Siberian Husky   N/A

Group 4 - Alan Bennett Top Dog
Group 1st   
GCh Evalill Esset
  Schnauzer (Miniature)   24
Group 2nd    Rivers Edge Burning Love Kreuzritters   Manchester Terrier   16
Group 3rd   
Ch Zealous Brodie Daybreak
  Parson Russell Terrier   15
Group 4th   
Ch Blythfell Fergus
  West Highland White Terrier   14
Ch Zlatapraha Hancock
  Cesky Terrier   N/A

Group 5 - Beryl Hession Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Pomamania's Nu Yrs Party Favor   Pomeranian   63
Group 2nd   
Ch Mojito's El Capitan
  Havanese   52
Group 3rd   
Ch Shirmont Rhapsody In Blue
  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel   48
Group 4th   
Ch Sir Galahad de Diventy
  Toy Manchester Terrier   43
BPIG    Xoe's Dirty Diana   Pug   N/A

Group 6 - Honey Glendinning Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Symarun's Look No More
  Shih Tzu   39
Group 2nd   
Ch Karendon's Ringmaster
  French Bulldog   38
Group 3rd   Ch Dreamland's Star Of Rivre Glen   Chow Chow   33
Group 4th   
Keeburnie Pot Of Gold
  Keeshond   29
BPIG    Siosalach's Plug In N Play   Chinese Shar-Pei   N/A

Group 7 - Alan Bennett Top Dog
Group 1st    Fabrajs Hard Knock Life   Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)   38
Group 2nd   
Ch Watermark Mahogany Ice Highrail
  Australian Shepherd   32
Group 3rd   Ch Trollheimen Who's Watchin The Bridge   Norwegian Buhund   29
Group 4th   
Ch Stormfield's Dream Catcher
  German Shepherd Dog   27
BPIG    Indelible Kandi Brea V Bodhran   Bouvier des Flandres   N/A
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