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Friday, June 14, 2019 - Rally Trial 2

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Friday, June 14 (Show # 1)
Friday, June 14 (Show # 2)
Saturday, June 15 (Show # 3)
Saturday, June 15 (Show # 4)
Sunday, June 16 (Show # 5)
Sunday, June 16 (Show # 6)


Saturday, June 15 (Obedience Trial 1)
Saturday, June 15 (Obedience Trial 2)
Sunday, June 16 (Obedience Trial 3)
Sunday, June 16 (Obedience Trial 4)

Rally Obedience

Friday, June 14 (Rally Trial 1)
Friday, June 14 (Rally Trial 2)
Saturday, June 15 (Rally Trial 3)
Saturday, June 15 (Rally Trial 4)

Novice A - Tami Marks
 Mixed Breed  Jennifer Hackwell 100.0
Northshore Cadence Fils D'Express
 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  Robert & Wendy Parris 95.0
Coburg Hills Thunder And Lightning
 Bernese Mountain Dog  George Utermohle 94.0
Eromit's I'm Your Huckleberry
 Retriever (Labrador)  Kathryn MacDonald 89.0
Keymah Tittybaby Two De Isfahan
 Afghan Hound  Mimi Yeager 87.0

Novice B - Tami Marks
Ch Oranje Vahalah Naranj Midnight Tango
 Afghan Hound  Heather Balfour 94.0
Forget Me Not Sophia Petrillo
 Havanese  Georgene Reekie 91.0
Ch Colray's Diamond In The Rough
 Weimaraner  Holly Colucci 90.0

Intermediate - Tami Marks
No Entry

Advanced A - Tami Marks
No Qualifiers

Advanced B - Tami Marks
No Qualifiers

Excellent A - Tami Marks
No Entry

Excellent B - Tami Marks
Ch Daghan East Of Eden
 Afghan Hound  Heather Balfour 88.0
Nicnak Lil Flirt Tia Belle
 Yorkshire Terrier  Darlene Balfour 80.0

Master - Tami Marks
Touchstone Spirit Wolf
 Australian Shepherd  Bonnitta Ritchie 96.0

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