Moncton Kennel Club
Sunday, November 19, 2017 - Rally Trial 2

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Novice A - Susan Bosence
Evar von Amalaberg
 German Shepherd Dog  Scott Crowe 96.0
 German Shepherd Dog  Heather Burns 95.0
Fundycoast's Wildest Dream Maisie
 Papillon  Ainslie Stapleton 95.0
Chenil D'Anja Paris Europa
 Mixed Breed  A van der Geer-Stok 94.0
Bluestone's Here For A Reason
 Spaniel (English Cocker)  Brittany Hudson 90.0
 Mixed Breed  Chantal Thibeault 86.0

Novice B - Susan Bosence
Nikmor's Walk The Line
 Retriever (Golden)  April Saulnier 98.0
 Mixed Breed  Shari Dawson 97.0
Dal Primo's You'll Never Walk Alone
 Bullmastiff  Lawrence Peyton 93.0

Intermediate - Susan Bosence
Ch Sunkozi Catch Me If You Can
 Retriever (Golden)  Margaret Bethune 100.0
Maldonfox All In Islandgems
 Toy Fox Terrier  Amanda Oatway 97.0
GCh Casselcreek For The Love Of It
 Australian Shepherd  Dawn & Morga Beck 87.0
Ch Camlab's Eagertrieve Outlaw
 Retriever (Labrador)  Mary Lynn Lantz 83.0

Advanced A - Susan Bosence
Yoda Von Diamondsun
 German Shepherd Dog  D J Buchanan 98.0
Malka's Class Act
 Australian Shepherd  Kaitlin Fraser 92.0

Advanced B - Susan Bosence
 Border Collie  Tanya Smith 100.0
Kewpy's Skyfall Of Bloomfield
 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  Stephen Hazelwood 99.0
GCh Dushanbe's Dreamboat
 Samoyed  Linda Johnson 98.0

Excellent A - Susan Bosence
Surreals Murphys Solo Tune
 Retriever (Labrador)  April Saulnier 99.0

Excellent B - Susan Bosence
GCh Sunnyrain Sequel To A Dream
 Australian Shepherd  Phyllis McCullum 100.0
Kewpy's Skyfall Of Bloomfield
 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  Stephen Hazelwood 99.0
 Border Collie  Tanya Smith 98.0
GCh Dushanbe's Dreamboat
 Samoyed  Linda Johnson 97.0

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