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Sunday, May 10, 2015 - Obedience Trial 201

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High In Trial
Judge: Isobel Hutton
Retriever (Golden)  
MOTCh Webshire's Whole Kate 'N Caboodle / Helen Walker

Pre-Novice - Isobel Hutton
Uhlan Talk Of The Town
 Schnauzer (Standard)  Karen Pare N/A
Katon's Extremely Hot v Morganwald
 Schnauzer (Standard)  Karen Pare N/A
Carannagh's Little Redford
 Setter (Irish)  Michael Burke N/A

Novice A - Isobel Hutton
Ch Sherakan's Triton
 Siberian Husky  Sherry Borgia 183.0
GCh Curig FaerieTale Yew Nevr Know
 Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)  Ellynne Dickson 178.0

Novice B - Isobel Hutton
MCD's He's On Fire Cameron
 Spaniel (English Springer)  Michelle Armitage 193.5
Ch Kylador's Paint The Town Red
 Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)  Julie Guilmet 189.5
Prairielight Kerensa Trecorn
 Retriever (Flat-Coated)  Jennifer Farmer 182.5

Novice C - Isobel Hutton
Blueheron Waiting In The Wings
 Retriever (Golden)  Sharlene Manderson 196.5

Novice Intermediate - Isobel Hutton
No Qualifiers

Open A - Isobel Hutton
Glasgowhill's Black Cat Prowler
 Collie (Rough)  Phyllis Brown 189.5

Open B - Isobel Hutton
MOTCh Webshire's Whole Kate 'N Caboodle
 Retriever (Golden)  Helen Walker 198.0
GMOTCh Taygold's Brawlroom Dancer
 Retriever (Golden)  Ellie Beals 197.0
MOTCh Riveron's Caesar
 Retriever (Labrador)  Heather Watt 196.5
OTCh Gaylan's I Am Not A Gaggle
 Retriever (Golden)  Frances Holmes 193.0

Utility A - Isobel Hutton
No Qualifiers

Utility B - Isobel Hutton
MOTCh Riveron's Caesar
 Retriever (Labrador)  Heather Watt 194.0
GMOTCh Taygold's Brawlroom Dancer
 Retriever (Golden)  Ellie Beals 192.5
GMOTCh Taygold's Gyro Scopes It Out
 Retriever (Golden)  David Skinner 191.5

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