Vizsla Canada [Regional]
Saturday, July 15, 2023

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Sweepstakes - Shelley Schwerdt Top Dog
Best In Juvenile Sweepstakes    Mountain View 'N Tierah's To The Moon and Back   Vizsla (Smooth)   0
Runner Up In Juvenile Sweepstakes    Firmstone's Karak   Vizsla (Wire-Haired)   0
Best In Veteran Sweepstakes   
GChEx Baroque Eastwind's Cool Runnings
  Vizsla (Smooth)   0
Runner Up In Veteran Sweepstakes    Zoldmali Dinamit   Vizsla (Wire-Haired)   0

Group 1 - Lindsay Townsend Top Dog

Judge: Lindsay Townsend

Best Of Breed: 7 pts (1-4-1-2)
Ch Capa von Haus Schladern

Best Of Opposite Sex
Firmstone's Aruna

Best Of Winners: (1-4-1-2)
Firmstone's Aruna

Best Puppy In Breed
Firmstone's Karak

Select Bitch
Ch Zoldmali Ilka

Best Veteran
Zoldmali Dinamit

Best Canadian Bred
Ch Pannonia Boroka

Best Field Dog
Ch Pannonia Boroka

Winners Dog: (1-4-1-2)
Firmstone's Karak

Junior Puppy Dog Class
1st Firmstone's Karak

Winners Bitch: (1-4-1-2)
Firmstone's Aruna

Reserve Winners Bitch
Acorn Acres Kujenga

Senior Puppy Bitch Class
1st Acorn Acres Kujenga
2nd Hoya Z Talchejow

Open Bitch Class
1st Firmstone's Aruna
2nd Zoldmali Dinamit

Field Bitch
Ch Pannonia Boroka

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