Battle River Canine Association
Saturday, October 23, 2021 - Rally Trial-3

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-- Michelle Whistlecraft --
Wolffman's Kosmic Lunar Karma AGNS, AGNJS
MHIT, CH MOTCH AGMCHS Wathaman's Xtremely Xplosive Am UD, Am/Can RE, Am/Can HT, DD, AGIs, AGIJs, OAP, NAJP, PADNs, NFP, CS, CI, CS-T, HIC
CH Wathaman's YouOttaB N Pictures
MHIT, CH, MOTCH & AGMCHV Wathaman's Trainwrek O Trouble Am UD, TD, Am/Can HT, PT, HSS, HSAS, RE, Am RAE, NAP, NAJP, VER, PADN, HIC, CGN, TT
MHIT, CH & GMOTCH Wathaman's Vandalizing Vegas Am UD, Am HT, Am/Can RE, AGXV, AGXJV, OAP, OAJP, VER, PADIV, NFP, HIC, CGN, TT
Owner: Michelle Whistlecraft

Novice A - Gwen Roswell
Hogan (4029761)
 Mixed Breed  stuart mi 99.0
Mistcurl Bartibog River Capt
 Retriever (Curly-Coated)  Jackie Fussell 95.0
Strattonhill Westar Sparks A-Flyn'
 Shetland Sheepdog  Lana Wierzba 90.0
Baywood OpportunityKnox
 Portuguese Water Dog  Marj Tory 75.0

Novice B - Gwen Roswell
Baywood Call Me Miss Macey
 Portuguese Water Dog  Brandy Lee Fazlic 97.0
GCh Cassels Chillin On The Moon
 Doberman Pinscher  Tara Bryant 94.0
Dalbeattie's Just You Wait Joe
 Cairn Terrier  Margaret Pringle 93.0
Harmonys Starlight Starbright
 Retriever (Golden)  Nicole Mcilwrick 90.0
Ch Malhaven Just Dance To The Music In Your Soul
 Pointer (German Short-Haired)  Karen Ibbitson 89.0

Intermediate - Gwen Roswell
Ch Bolder's Special Addition
 Bullmastiff  Marilyn Blanchette 99.0
Ch Seransil Conbrio Promise Me
 Poodle (Standard)  Evelyn Sera 97.0
Charles Stanley Dogwin
 Mixed Breed  Rebekah Boutilier 89.0
Ch Eternalfire's Do It For Johnny
 Rottweiler  April Berukoff 89.0
Harmony's Bon Appetit
 Retriever (Golden)  Julia & Brian Jackson 86.0
Allyrae's The Whomping Willow
 Bullmastiff  Renee Pollon 81.0
Articsun's Frozen Yukon
 Siberian Husky  Kendra Tkach 78.0

Advanced A - Gwen Roswell
GCh Canzas Sparkling Rosie
 Retriever (Golden)  Karen Mella 98.0
Ch Bimberg's Egomaniac At Furioso
 Boxer  Lee Simants 87.0
Prestige Sunshine Ziggy
 Puli  Rita Sikes 76.0

Advanced B - Gwen Roswell
GCh Catchpens Promise For Gold
 Australian Cattle Dog  Brandy-Lee Fazlic 100.0
Omniscient Shades Of Ares
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Erica Robb 100.0
GChEx Ladymagic Topflite Windcatcher
 Papillon  Margaret Zacher 100.0
Ch Caruaidd Keeper Of My Heart
 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  Maureen Olson 96.0
MOTCh Mia v Falkenhein
 German Shepherd Dog  Danaka Mildenberger 89.0
Riverwild's Spellbound
 Australian Cattle Dog  Vanessa Downing 70.0

Excellent A - Gwen Roswell
Ch Zealous Licorice Twist
 Border Terrier  Nancy Lee 98.0
Ch Bodacious Chock Full Of Sugar
 Border Terrier  Nancy Lee 95.0

Excellent B - Gwen Roswell
MOTCh Hi-Star's It's All About Teal
 Retriever (Golden)  Pauline Baldwin 98.0
Ch Baywood Echo Waves Reflected
 Portuguese Water Dog  Patricia Belliveau 98.0
GCh OTCh Maggray's N' Credible Journey
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Erica Robb 88.0
MOTCh Mia v Falkenhein
 German Shepherd Dog  Danaka Mildenberger 75.0

Master - Gwen Roswell
GCh Wathaman's Adventurous Affair
 Rottweiler  Michelle Whistlecraft 99.0
Zealous Goelitz Mini Jellybean
 Border Terrier  Nancy Lee 98.0
Ch Wathaman's Dare2Demand Applause
 Rottweiler  Michelle Whistlecraft 97.0

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