Shiba Inu Canada [Regional]
Saturday, May 11, 2019

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-- Fran Zimmerman --
Ch. Aura Odd Fellow
Breeder/Owner: Fran Zimmerman, Aura Poodles

Specialty - Dana Cline Top Dog
Best Of Breed   
GCh Sunojo Cracklin Rose Timberfox
  Shiba Inu   12
Best Of Opposite Sex   
Ch Sunojo's How We Say Zee
  Shiba Inu   0
Best Of Winners    Timberfox's Felonius Gru   Shiba Inu   0
Best Puppy In Breed    Sunojo Reezen For A Red Dress   Shiba Inu   0
Select Dog   
GCh Sunojo Pai Azyuu Go
  Shiba Inu   0
Select Bitch   
GCh Sunojo N Satika's Fiery Glow
  Shiba Inu   0
Winners Dog    Timberfox's Felonius Gru   Shiba Inu   0
Veteran Male   
Anautuk's Game Of Tierce
  Shiba Inu   0
Winners Bitch    Sunojo Reezen For A Red Dress   Shiba Inu   0
Reserve Winners Bitch    Sunojo's Say Yes To Zee Dress   Shiba Inu   0
Veteran Female   
Mizuki Erza
  Shiba Inu   0
Best Veteran   
Anautuk's Game Of Tierce
  Shiba Inu   0
Best Brace   Ch Sunojo's The Chosen One   Shiba Inu   0
Best Brace   
Ch Sunojo's Little Red Pill
  Shiba Inu   0
Best Baby Puppy In Breed    Sunojo's Tempest In A Teapot   Shiba Inu   0
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