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Sunday, April 24, 2011 - Rally Trial 14

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Novice A - Bonnie Christie
No Qualifiers

Novice B - Bonnie Christie
SV Tersha`s Top Gun
 German Shepherd Dog  Sharon Smith 100.0
Tidewaters Double Or Nothing
 Retriever (Golden)  Helen Scott 99.0
Tersha's Bad As I Wanna Be
 German Shepherd Dog  Jean Detering 96.0
Nonnies Nicholas
 Spaniel (American Cocker)  Cathy Richardson 95.0
Gulfstream's True Grit
 Australian Shepherd  Jane Book 87.0

Advanced A - Bonnie Christie
No Qualifiers

Advanced B - Bonnie Christie
MOTCh Clitheroe R Commander N Chief
 Retriever (Golden)  Charles MacMillan 100.0
Lochstarr Hyland Parader
 Collie (Smooth)  Paula McNeil 80.0

Excellent A - Bonnie Christie
No Qualifiers

Excellent B - Bonnie Christie
Ch Nonesuch Going The Distance
 Bearded Collie  Jaimie Short 96.0
MOTCh Clitheroe R Commander N Chief
 Retriever (Golden)  Charles MacMillan 90.0

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