Club Canin Chomedey
Saturday, September 21, 2013 - Rally Trial 2

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Novice A - Katherine Stead
Molly (13000062)
 Bouvier des Flandres  Nancy Roy 98.0
SweetNSour Blue Velvet
 Australian Shepherd  Caroline Carrier 85.0
Rowansgaard Eleanor Rigby
 Retriever (Flat-Coated)  Nicole Poissant & Walter Novash 78.0

Novice B - Katherine Stead
Tanning Viviane
 Schnauzer (Giant)  Johanne Lauzon 99.0
Dusousbois Chances Forever
 Bernese Mountain Dog  Marie-Gabrielle Turcotte 99.0
Ch DeBlon's Rising Star To Pattedeau
 Portuguese Water Dog  Karine Simard 97.0
Sweet Kalypso Total Performance
 Australian Shepherd  Sylvie Lapointe 96.0
NoneTaboo Gertrude Beaux Bas
 Bull Terrier  Caroline Landry 94.0

Advanced A - Katherine Stead
Mashootin Star
 Australian Shepherd  Fabien Gagnon 98.0
Triskell Alice
 Italian Greyhound  Helene Baribeau 92.0
Ch Snowmist's Reality Check
 Siberian Husky  Annie Pare 88.0
Ch Neigenuveaux's Gambit
 Barbet  Francois Menard 70.0

Advanced B - Katherine Stead
Akerblommans Accra
 Schnauzer (Giant)  Johanne Lauzon 96.0

Excellent A - Katherine Stead
Amilab Jolly Molly
 Retriever (Labrador)  Sonia Dube 99.0

Excellent B - Katherine Stead
Amidor's Little Angel Daphnee
 Retriever (Golden)  Helene Schrimer 82.0
Akerblommans Accra
 Schnauzer (Giant)  Johanne Lauzon 78.0
Quiche's General Patton
 Bouvier des Flandres  Pat Jarvis 73.0

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