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Belleville & District Kennel Club
October 24, 2014 - October 26, 2014
Belleville, Ontario (Indoor)

Website: http://www.bellevilledistrictkennelclub.com/
Description: 4 All Breed Shows (2 Limited)
Address: 265 Cannifton Road, Belleville, Ontario K8N 4V8

Closing Date: Wednesday, October 08, 2014  @ 8:00 p.m. (Eastern)

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Friday, October 24 (Show # 1)
Friday, October 24 (Show # 2)
Saturday, October 25
Sunday, October 26

Judging Panel
Conformation - Martin Doherty (Ontario, Canada)
Conformation - Barbara Heal (Ontario, Canada)
Conformation - Margaret Jones (British Columbia, Canada)
Conformation - Anik Primeau (Quebec, Canada)
Sweepstakes - David Swartwood (Ontario, Canada)
Sweepstakes - Rita Walker (Ontario, Canada)
Sweepstakes - Jean-Christophe Boulinguez (Quebec, Canada)
Sweepstakes - Erin Moore (Ontario, Canada)

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Premium List
Judging Schedule

Show Secretary

MJN Show Services
33 Devonglen Drive
Kitchener, ON N2E 1Z6
Phone: (519) 568-8582
Fax: (519) 568-8484
Email: info@mjnshowservices.com
Website: http://www.mjnshowservices.com/

Additional Notes
Junior Conformation Handling
Sunday, October 26th.

Judging Panel Change
Donald Fitzsimmons is unable to fulfill his assignment on Friday, October 24th (Show #1). Donald Fitzsimmons has been replaced as follows in Show # 1:
Anik Primeau
Group 1 breeds - Retriever (Golden), Retriever (Labrador), Retriever (NSDT), Setter (Gordon)
Group 7 breeds – Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Kelpie, Australian Shepherd, Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, Bearded Collie, Belgian Shepherd, Berger des Pyrenees, Berger Picard, Border Collie, Bouvier des Flandres, Briard, Collie (Rough), Collie (Smooth), Dutch Sheepdog, Finnish Lapphund

Barbara Heal
Group 2 breeds – Afghan Hound, Basenji, Basset Hound, Beagle, Bloodhound, Borzoi, Coonhound (Black & Tan), Drever, Deerhound (Scottish), Dachshund (all 6 varieties), Finnish Spitz, Foxhound (American), Foxhound (English)
Group 3 – all breeds in the Group and the Group level judging
Group 7 breeds and the Group level judging – German Shepherd Dog, Iceland Sheepdog, Lancashire Heeler, Mudi, Norwegian Buhund, Old English Sheepdog, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Puli, Shetland Sheepdog, Swedish Vallhund, Tatra Shepherd Dog, Welsh Corgi (Cardigan), Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

David Swartwood
Group 1 breeds and Group Level Judging – all breeds with the exception of Retriever (Golden), Retriever (Labrador), Retriever (NSDT), Setter (Gordon)
Group 2 breeds and Group Level judging – Greyhound, Harrier, Ibizan Hound, Irish Wolfhound, Norrbottenspets, Norwegian Elkhound, Norwegian Lundehund, Otterhound, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, Pharaoh Hound, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Saluki, Shikoku, Whippet
Group 4 – all breeds in the Group and Group Level Judging
Group 5 – all breeds in the Group and Group Level Judging
Group 6 – all breeds in the Group and Group Level judging
Best In Show
Best Puppy In Show


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