Breed Points - Alberta
Number of dogs defeated in the breed

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Picture Rank Last Month Breed Dog Name All Breed BOB Specialty BOB Points
1 1 Retriever (Labrador) GChS Mayhemfarms Cowgirls Don't Cry(F) 4 0 47
2 4 Retriever (Labrador) Ch Labradale's Mayflower At Innovation(F) 3 0 24
3 2 Retriever (Labrador) Eagertrieves Sweet Talker(M) 1 0 12
3 2 Retriever (Labrador) Ch Mayhemfarms A Star Is Born(M) 1 0 12
5 5 Retriever (Labrador) Loretta's Chocolate Sundae(F) 0 0 0
5 5 Retriever (Labrador) Torngat's Gin Cove Frampton(F) 0 0 0
The Breed Point Standings are based on the number of dogs defeated in a breed and are not an official CKC record of points or wins. The system is unique to Canuck Dogs. The Breed Point standings are not calculated at the same time as the regular Conformation standings due to the delay in obtaining Best of Breed results for All-Breed shows. Once volunteers submit All-breed Breed results, the standings are updated. For official CKC results, contact the Canadian Kennel Club.

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