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Service Dog Training for Fun and Profit
August 09, 2014 - August 09, 2014
Milton, Ontario

Website: http://www.assistancedogs4all.org/
Description: Training a Puppy through Level I Service Dog for Fun and Profit
Address: 136 Robert St, Milton, Ontario L9T 1G9

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Tamara Follett

Email: Tamara_follett@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.assistancedogs4all.org/

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Additional Notes
In conjunction with the Pomeranian Club of Ontario Speciality (and as a fundraiser for the Pomeranian Club of Ontario),Tamara Follett will be offering a session after Kilbride Best in Show on Saturday, August 9th, on "Training a Puppy through Level I Service Dog for Fun and Profit".

You can find out more about the three levels of Service Dog Training on Tamara's website: www.assistancedogs4all.org

For complete details on course: www.facebook.com/assistancedogs4all

This is a new way for dog folks to supplement their income and help people at the same time. Service Dog trainers like Tamara are actively searching for Level-l trained dogs. The lack of adequately trained SD candidates coupled with the increasing demand for fully-trained dogs is leading to a bottleneck in trained Service Dogs. This has resulted in a proliferation of Service Dog Scams, Fake Service Dogs, and the rapid inflation of the price of real SDs to outrageous sums ($20,000!). If SD trainers can focus their skills on bringing a pre-screened, Level-l candidate through only the last two levels of training, it will increase the number of qualified service dogs available and everybody wins.

The fee for attending is $20. If you are interested in attending, please sign up on Tamara's website through the Contact Us form and let Tamara know if you are bringing a puppy for a free evaluation and what breed. Puppies must have all vaccinations.

The class will be given after Kilbride BIS on Saturday, August 9th. It will last an hour, plus puppy evaluations and time for questions. Bring a notepad and paper. Pay at the door. Please note: there is very limited space so reserve your spot now.


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