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Pet Health Seminar
May 25, 2019 - May 25, 2019
Cobourg, Ontario


Description: Health, Nutrition, Food Labels, Vaccinations & more with Dr. Judy Morgan, DVM
Address: 750 D'Arcy St, Cobourg, Ontario K9A 0G1
Hosted By: Eastlake Cavalier Club

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Event Contact

Wendy Roemer
Phone: 905-372-9425
Email: eastlakecavalierclub@gmail.com

Additional Notes
Eastlake Cavalier Club is holding a one-day health seminar with Dr. Judy Morgan, DVM, CVA, CVCP, CVFT on Saturday, May 25th at the Cobourg Community Centre.

Topics include health, nutrition, food therapy, understanding pet labels, natural parasite prevention, vaccinations, and care.

For more information or to register, contact Wendy Roemer at 905-372-9425 or eastlakecavalierclub@gmail.com.

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Address: 750 D'Arcy St, Cobourg, Ontario K9A 0G1
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