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Hub City Kennel & Obedience Club
May 04, 2018 - May 06, 2018
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Indoor)

Website: http://www.hckoc.com/
Description: 3 All Breed Shows / 4 Obedience Trials / 3 Rally Obedience Trials
Address: Hall E, Prairieland Exhibition Grounds, 503 Ruth St W, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7J 0S6

Early Bird Closing Date: March 31, 2018 9:00 p.m. CST
Closing Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2018  @ 9:00 p.m. CST

Related Results

Friday, May 04
Saturday, May 05
Sunday, May 06

Friday, May 04 (Obedience Trial 1)
Saturday, May 05 (Obedience Trial 2)
Sunday, May 06 (Obedience Trial 3)
Sunday, May 06 (Obedience Trial 4)

Rally Obedience:
Friday, May 04 (Rally Trial 1)
Saturday, May 05 (Rally Trial 2)
Saturday, May 05 (Rally Trial 3)

  • Conformation - Kenneth Chuah (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)
    Conformation - Gopi Krishnan (Selangor, Malaysia)
    Conformation - Richard Lopaschuk (British Columbia, Canada)
    Conformation - Susan Quesnel (British Columbia, Canada)
    Conformation - Nancy Simmons (Texas, USA)
    Conformation - Sharol Candace Way (Pennsylvania, USA)
    Obedience - Susie Bell (Ontario, Canada)
    Obedience - Nancy Simmons (Texas, USA)
    Rally Obedience - Susie Bell (Ontario, Canada)
    Rally Obedience - Jill Werle (Saskatchewan, Canada)

  •  May 4, 2018
    May 5, 2018
    May 6, 2018
    Bests Kenneth ChuahSharol Candace WayGopi Krishnan
    Group 1 Gopi KrishnanSharol Candace WayKenneth Chuah
    Group 2 Sharol Candace Way

    Group Level
    Kenneth Chuah

    Gopi Krishnan
    Afghan Hound
    Coonhound (Black & Tan)
    Deerhound (Scottish)
    Finnish Spitz
    Foxhound (American)
    Foxhound (English)
    Ibizan Hound
    Irish Wolfhound
    Norwegian Elkhound
    Norwegian Lundehund
    Pharaoh Hound
    Rhodesian Ridgeback

    Kenneth Chuah
    Basset Hound
    Dachshund (Miniature Long-Haired)
    Dachshund (Miniature Smooth)
    Dachshund (Miniature Wire-Haired)
    Dachshund (Standard Long-Haired)
    Dachshund (Standard Smooth)
    Dachshund (Standard Wire-Haired)
    Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
    Richard Lopaschuk
    Group 3 Nancy SimmonsKenneth ChuahGopi Krishnan
    Group 4 Gopi Krishnan

    Group Level
    Sharol Candace Way

    Sharol Candace Way
    Airedale Terrier
    American Staffordshire Terrier
    Australian Terrier
    Bedlington Terrier
    Border Terrier
    Bull Terrier
    Bull Terrier (Miniature)
    Cairn Terrier
    Cesky Terrier
    Dandie Dinmont Terrier
    Fox Terrier (Smooth)
    Fox Terrier (Wire)
    Glen Of Imaal Terrier
    Irish Terrier
    Kerry Blue Terrier
    Lakeland Terrier
    Manchester Terrier
    Norfolk Terrier
    Norwich Terrier
    Parson Russell Terrier
    Rat Terrier
    Russell Terrier
    Scottish Terrier
    Sealyham Terrier
    Skye Terrier
    Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    Welsh Terrier
    West Highland White Terrier

    Susan Quesnel
    Schnauzer (Miniature)
    Kenneth Chuah
    Group 5 Kenneth ChuahRichard LopaschukGopi Krishnan
    Group 6 Kenneth ChuahGopi KrishnanRichard Lopaschuk
    Group 7 Gopi KrishnanRichard LopaschukKenneth Chuah

Forms & Links

Premium List
Power and Benching Reservation
RV Parking Reservation
Clinic Registration Form
Judging Schedule

Show Secretary

Heather Munholland
14 Mossing Bay
Regina, SK S4N 4H4
Phone: 306-205-2326
Email: hmunholland@myaccess.ca

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Additional Notes
Junior Handling
Sunday, May 6th during the lunch break. Entry fee: $2. Judge: TBA.

Booster for Dachshunds (Saturday - Ken Chuah). Supported entry for Alaskan Malamutes (Friday - Nancy Simmons).

Conformation Show-n-Go & Obedience/Rally Mat Time
Thursday, May 3rd from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. Conformation Show & Go entry fee: $10/dog. Obedience/Rally entry fee: $10/dog. No Rally signs will be provided.

Limited RV space - once full, overflow will be allotted. Water/electric/sewer or NO services - both $45.00 per night. No shower facilities at the show site.

Pet-Friendly Hotels
Sandman Hotel:- 1-800-726-3626
Travelodge:- 1-888-278-4209
Heritage Hotel:- 1-888-888-4374
Super 8 Hotel:- 1-800-545-3213
Saskatoon Inn Hotel:- 1-800-667-8789
Best Western Royal:- 1-888-244-5552
The Parktown Hotel:- 1-800-667-3999
Ramada Hotel and Golf Dome:- 1-800-667-6500
Radisson Hotel:- 1-306-665-3322
Sheraton Cavalier:- 1-306-652-6770
Best Western Plus East:- 1-844-882-3331
Hampton Inn and Suites:- 1-306-933-1010 (includes breakfast)
Country Inn and Suites:- 1-306-934-3900 (includes breakfast)
Comfort Suites:- 1-306-955-6565 (includes breakfast)

Event Map
Address: Hall E, Prairieland Exhibition Grounds, 503 Ruth St W, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7J 0S6
Disclamer: Map may not display exact location. Use event address to confirm your destination.

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