Muskoka District Kennel Club
Friday, July 30, 2010 - Trial # 2

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Rally Obedience

Friday, July 30 (Trial # 1)
Friday, July 30 (Trial # 2)

Novice A - Paul Oslach
Duurstede's Mister Cappy
 Setter (Gordon)  Karen Finlay 99.0
Mossyfern Shadown In Silver
 Border Collie  Dawn Lyne 95.0
Pinkybraes Iona's Hokkulani
 Yorkshire Terrier  Lorna Lanyon 91.0

Novice B - Paul Oslach
Cantope Parti Hardy Alfie
 Poodle (Standard)  Ken Rogers 97.0
Castlehill's Playin The Field
 Spaniel (Irish Water)  Margot Neilson and Susan Tapp 96.0
Cantope's Precocius Penelope
 Poodle (Standard)  Diane Welsh 94.0
Cantope Black Diamond Lawrence
 Poodle (Standard)  Diane Welsh 91.0
Ch Karrelene's Island Treasure
 Setter (Gordon)  Rene & Ilene Delaere 86.0

Advanced A - Paul Oslach
No Qualifiers

Advanced B - Paul Oslach
Ch Pinebank Canu Doit Of Santosha
 Retriever (Labrador)  Susan Bell 95.0
Ch Altair's On Golden Pond
 Chinese Crested  Rebecca Adams 95.0
Cantope's Bewitched
 Poodle (Standard)  Diane Welsh 71.0

Excellent A - Paul Oslach
Mardles Charlie
 Retriever (Labrador)  Leonardo Rosati 92.0
Maplelane's Whats In A Name
 Retriever (Golden)  Mary Munroe 78.0

Excellent B - Paul Oslach
Ch Altair's On Golden Pond
 Chinese Crested  Rebecca Adams 98.0

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