Ontario County Kennel Club
Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Best In Show
Judge: Ed Wild
Bernese Mountain Dog  Ch Avatars Try Try Again
Points: 343 TOP DOG points (** see disclaimer at bottom)
Best Puppy In Show
Judge: Ed Wild
Shetland Sheepdog   Toven Water-Coloured Memories

Group 1 - Thomas Alexander Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Flwr Crk Marquis Goin' For The Gold
  Pointer (German Short-Haired)   79
Group 2nd   Ch Windfall's Me And My Shadow At Asklar   Retriever (Labrador)   75
Group 3rd   
GCh Nautilus Animation Matrix
  Retriever (Golden)   61
Group 4th    Pointblank's Money Penny   Vizsla (Smooth-Haired)   34
BPIG    BlueprintBrasswinds Man On A Mission   Spaniel (English Cocker)   N/A

Group 2 - Thomas Alexander Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Victory's Tootsie Roll W   Dachshund (Standard Wire-Haired)   31
Group 2nd   
Ch Virgo Raisin In The Sun
  Dachshund (Miniature Long-Haired)   26
Group 3rd   
Ch Obiwan Hallelujah
  Afghan Hound   17
Group 4th   
Peshawar Benjamin
  Dachshund (Miniature Smooth-Haired)   16
BPIG    Peekstok Hanna   Dachshund (Miniature Long-Haired)   N/A

Group 3 - Ed Wild Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Avatars Try Try Again   Bernese Mountain Dog   56
Group 2nd   
Ch Summerfords Heir Brushed
  Newfoundland   54
Group 3rd   Ch Everest North's Targo Thor   Tibetan Mastiff   52
Group 4th   
Ch Encore's Zoom Zoom
  Boxer   51
BPIG   Ch Holmrun's Castle Keep   Doberman Pinscher   N/A

Group 4 - Ed Wild Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Clandara's Axel Foley   Staffordshire Bull Terrier   39
Group 2nd   
Ch Zlatapraha Brubeck
  Cesky Terrier   37
Group 3rd   Ch Windeire Daybreak   Irish Terrier   36
Group 4th   Ch Paradym Yarrow Rusty Justice   Norwich Terrier   35
BPIG    Jerdaise's Flash Point   Schnauzer (Miniature)   N/A

Group 5 - Terill Udenberg (Dr) Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Hallmark Jolei Grand Slam
  Pekingese   61
Group 2nd   
Ch Hilanne's Shoot For The Moon
  Affenpinscher   60
Group 3rd   
Ch Altair's Glenbogle
  Chinese Crested   59
Group 4th   
Ch Pomroth Sweet Mesquite
  Poodle (Toy)   55
Ch Pomroth Sweet Mesquite
  Poodle (Toy)   N/A

Group 6 - Ed Wild Top Dog
Group 1st   
Ch Classique Scaramouche
  Poodle (Standard)   25
Group 2nd   Ch Aldo Quintessential   Bichon Frise   17
Group 3rd   
Ch Souyen's Beauty Secret
  Shih Tzu   15
Group 4th   
Ch Rosehall's Spot On Archie
  Bulldog   11
BPIG    Brightspot Jim Dandy   Dalmatian   N/A

Group 7 - Thomas Alexander Top Dog
Group 1st   Ch Lynphil's Porscha   Shetland Sheepdog   46
Group 2nd   
Ch Overland's Southern Comfort
  Collie (Rough)   32
Group 3rd   Ch Horizon's Clairvoyant   Australian Shepherd   23
Group 4th   
Ch Yasashiikuma Smoky Mountn Maid
  Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)   18
BPIG    Toven Water-Coloured Memories   Shetland Sheepdog   N/A
Disclaimer: These are not official CKC results. If you spot any incorrect results, please visit Results Correction Page. We rely on the goodwill of volunteers to provide us with results and mistakes are corrected as soon as we receive them. For official results, contact the Canadian Kennel Club.

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