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Group 1 - The top 5 and all point winners in Group 1 for the current week

Top 5 This Week - August 8, 2017 to August 14, 2017

CONFORMATION - Group 1 for August 8, 2017 to August 14, 2017 (Total Points Accumulated)
Dog Name Breed Points
Neigenuveaux King Of The Road Barbet 37
Neigenuveaux's Make It So Barbet 19
Northrock's For The Joy Of It Barbet 4
Bleuzorange C Peawi Mystique Barbet 3
Bleuzorange C Boom Leo Barbet 1
Neigenuveaux's My Gal Moonbeam Barbet 0
Leia de la Ruse des Bois Braque d'Auvergne 2
SooNipi Point's Mystic Connection Griffon (Wire-Haired Pointing) 9
DuValin Dalton Griffon (Wire-Haired Pointing) 4
GCh Apple Lagotto Romagnolo 37
LK Chiauci Lagotto Romagnolo 3
GCh Brackenmoor Somethingroyal Pointer 190
Ch Seasyde Believe In Me Pointer 122
Nowwithem Rooster Cogburn Pointer 0
Ch Legacyk Twice Tempted Pointer (German Short-Haired) 126
QHF's Born To Fly Pointer (German Short-Haired) 101
GCh Parador High Road Pointer (German Short-Haired) 63
Mount Albion's Royal Onyx Pointer (German Short-Haired) 31
Legacyk Any Given Sunday Pointer (German Short-Haired) 27
VicWin Shark In The Water Pointer (German Short-Haired) 2
Von Ruann Typoon's Captain Colby Pointer (German Short-Haired) 2
Hunterspride Rockstar Farook Pointer (German Short-Haired) 1
De Lombardie Prayer In Wind Pointer (German Short-Haired) 0
Legacyk Talk Dirty Tome Pointer (German Short-Haired) 0
Ripsnorter Depth Of Field At Bourgroyal Pointer (German Wire-Haired) 4
Lookouts Eye'Ma Wittle Prank Star Pointer (German Wire-Haired) 0
Queen's Don't Call This A Comeback Retriever (Chesapeake Bay) 47
GChEx Eagletarn One Of The Few Retriever (Flat-Coated) 189
Blazingstar Galwey Retriever (Flat-Coated) 10
Itzawhat's All In Retriever (Flat-Coated) 6
Fieldday Saga Noren Retriever (Flat-Coated) 2
GCh Blackpool Jersey Girl Retriever (Golden) 244
GCh Brio's Hotsicle Retriever (Golden) 162
GChEx Polarsky's Twinkle Little Star Retriever (Golden) 154
GCh Shadymist Ambercroft Shesofine Retriever (Golden) 76
Camalire's Dbl B First Edition Retriever (Golden) 22
Blackpool The Pheonix Retriever (Golden) 17
Buttercup's Flowers In The Snow Retriever (Golden) 12
Donieka's Party Time Retriever (Golden) 11
Gowrielea's Scots Wha Hae Retriever (Golden) 8
Pendery's Well-Timed Coup Retriever (Golden) 8
Sharella's Crucial Urgency Retriever (Golden) 5
Nautilus Luck Of The Irish Retriever (Golden) 1
Nautilus NCIS Special Agent Retriever (Golden) 1
Ch Mostabear's Breakn Nadina Story Retriever (Golden) 0
Ambercroft Briarwood Jackflash Retriever (Golden) 0
Grayvalley Gents Prefer Blonds Retriever (Golden) 0
Sarabay's Where's The Beef Retriever (Golden) 0
Spldaishi's Moonstruck Retriever (Golden) 0
Linirgor Tartan And Tweed Retriever (Golden) 0
Zenevieva Luchair Retriever (Golden) 0
Oceanspray's Paddington Retriever (Labrador) 38
Ch Gofetch Newfoundland Regiment Retriever (Labrador) 35
GCh LandnSea's Lighthouse Beacon Retriever (Labrador) 35
Gaff Edoardo Fendi Castlegar Retriever (Labrador) 29
Ch Fallriver Chikka Boom Retriever (Labrador) 26
Piccadilly's Sticky Wicket Retriever (Labrador) 23
Ekho's Endless Bounty Retriever (Labrador) 20
Masonridge's Right As Rain Retriever (Labrador) 14
Beaumark's Canadian Dream Retriever (Labrador) 10
BestWest Spirit In The Sky Retriever (Labrador) 9
Kriscoland's Thrill Of It All Retriever (Labrador) 8
MyKiss Return To Sender At Harlequin Retriever (Labrador) 7
Stronghold Oughta Be Spring Retriever (Labrador) 6
Britton's Timed To Perfection Retriever (Labrador) 6
Miron Lady Kim Retriever (Labrador) 4
Castlegar Elroy At Autumwynd Retriever (Labrador) 3
Samphire Simply Smashing Retriever (Labrador) 2
Ch Castlegar Bluebell Retriever (Labrador) 0
Stonemeadow's Pippi Longstocin Retriever (Labrador) 0
Gloryland's I Love Lucy Retriever (Labrador) 0
Ch Shalane Dresden At Oaksill Retriever (Labrador) 0
GCh Tollchester's Canadian Ogopogo Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) 119
Redfox Spring Scout Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) 2
Redmoon's What The Duck Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) 0
Roaneden's Water Lily Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) 0
Seatosea's Maiden Voyage Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) 0
Ch Sevenoaks Lady Penelope Setter (English) 479
Elaide Ticino Davaroni Setter (English) 50
GChEx Plaisance Queen Isleen Setter (English) 30
Lucksheray Full Moon Setter (English) 4
Summerhill She Knows She Can Fly Setter (English) 0
Sevenoaks Orange Crush Setter (English) 0
Ch Bran Linn Amulet Setter (Gordon) 514
GChEx Triseter Celtic Player Setter (Gordon) 76
Valley View Elf In The Galaxy Setter (Gordon) 0
Ch Duurstede's Ms Squeak Setter (Gordon) 0
Aingeal Memories Of KD Live On Setter (Irish Red & White) 0
Captiva's Time Is On My Side Setter (Irish) 27
Captiva Working Out Setter (Irish) 27
Abbeylane Gone Country Setter (Irish) 3
Rhuzara's Blown Away Setter (Irish) 3
VC's Chasing The Dream Spaniel (American Cocker) 126
GCh WynRidge's Make It So Spaniel (American Cocker) 55
Shaankata's Spirit O'Clanagroe Spaniel (American Cocker) 40
Ashleysown Truly Canadian Spaniel (American Cocker) 35
Tricep Countrystars Grand Jury Spaniel (American Cocker) 17
PBJ's N Shahaley's Fun With Finn Spaniel (American Cocker) 13
Kaplar N' Telme's Dreams Do Come True Spaniel (American Cocker) 12
Rachris I Walk The Line Spaniel (American Cocker) 6
Ashleysown Zen Of Wynridge Spaniel (American Cocker) 3
Newsongs On The Air Spaniel (American Cocker) 2
Jomardi's Fashionably Black Spaniel (American Cocker) 0
Ashleysown Dance With A Crown Spaniel (American Cocker) 0
GChEx RiverMist Broxden Make Mynah Double Spaniel (Brittany) 102
Prairiestorm Chaser Spaniel (Brittany) 55
Ataboy Bedazzle 'N Bemuse Spaniel (Brittany) 1
MLM You Make Me Happy Sunshine Spaniel (Brittany) 0
Tricklecreek Friend Of Mine Spaniel (Clumber) 53
Clussexx Vestis Virum Reddit Spaniel (Clumber) 3
Ch Giroflee Go Johnny Go Spaniel (English Cocker) 118
GCh Wittersham Sunday's Child Spaniel (English Cocker) 46
Star-Vue's Flyaway Spaniel (English Cocker) 5
Ranzfel Vanilla Spaniel (English Cocker) 3
Tandridge Got Feck Spaniel (English Cocker) 2
Nonnies Fifty Shades Of Gray Spaniel (English Cocker) 1
Malysse Lancelot Spaniel (English Cocker) 1
Especially Tri'n Make Me Spaniel (English Cocker) 1
Ch Bondir's Lumineux Albert Spaniel (English Springer) 59
Ch Kehre's Mirror Mirror Spaniel (English Springer) 41
Nanjay's Upgrade Spaniel (English Springer) 6
Cerise Springfire's Hobo Spaniel (English Springer) 1
Serenade's Gronclair Delight Spaniel (English Springer) 0
Finnibone's Veni Vedi Vici Spaniel (Irish Water) 0
Statesman's Won Awesome Dude Spaniel (Welsh Springer) 3
Statesman's Pretty In Pink Spaniel (Welsh Springer) 1
GCh Baroque Eastwind's Cool Runnings Vizsla (Smooth-Haired) 128
Aurelia's King's Ransom Vizsla (Smooth-Haired) 2
Vizslavilla Prize Pure Goddess Vizsla (Smooth-Haired) 0
Lekka Thalia By Faithful Miro Vizsla (Smooth-Haired) 0
Lienroc N Sasco Harvest Legend Vizsla (Smooth-Haired) 0
Starwood's Reinhard V. Dietz Weimaraner 192
GCh Target's Ltd Edition V Rosewin Weimaraner 140
GCh Oakpoint Follyhill Winoka Showbz Weimaraner 90
Ch Sandyridge's Mazing Grace Weimaraner 49
GCh Bartland's Luxurious Ride Weimaraner 42
Gramayre Leith Thrills & Chills Weimaraner 6
Silversea's Summer Sonnet Weimaraner 2
Cazaway Melody Of Joy Weimaraner 1
Sandy Ridge's Busch Jackson Weimaraner 0
Ekahi Rissana Isidoro Almamater Weimaraner 0

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