Oshawa Obedience Association
Saturday, July 21, 2018 - Rally Trial 38

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Novice A - Gwen Roswell
Quinleighblu's Caped Crusder
 Retriever (Golden)  Ali Purves 99.0
Emmett Halik Gajewski
 Mixed Breed  Sandra Gajewski 97.0
Elitelinemal Saffron Tao N Zen
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Laura and Brian Sullivan 97.0
Dilimbazi Mistress Dread
 Doberman Pinscher  Paul & Cindy Harrison 90.0
Fortknox's Minute To Quinn It
 Retriever (Golden)  Samantha Puder and Andrew Turner 81.0

Novice B - Gwen Roswell
Talisker Dance With Me Henry
 Shetland Sheepdog  Sylvia Reeve 100.0
Fuzion's Exploding Son
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Colleen Gordon 98.0

Intermediate - Gwen Roswell
Upland Creek Dancing Heulyn
 Spaniel (Welsh Springer)  Cassandra Rabey 96.0
Shukchampagn QLB Estate Style
 Retriever (Golden)  Lisa & Eric Giguere 85.0

Advanced A - Gwen Roswell
No Qualifiers

Advanced B - Gwen Roswell
Ch Whisperfield Wild West Wind
 Pointer (German Short-Haired)  Allison Rabey 100.0
Kortuns Carpe Diem
 Portuguese Water Dog  Ross Reed 95.0

Excellent A - Gwen Roswell
No Qualifiers

Excellent B - Gwen Roswell
Kortuns Carpe Diem
 Portuguese Water Dog  Ross Reed 97.0

Master - Gwen Roswell
No Qualifiers

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