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Saturday, September 9, 2017 - Rally Trial 1

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Friday, September 08 (Show #1)
Friday, September 08 (Show #2)
Saturday, September 09
Saturday, September 09 (Ltd Breed Show for Groups 1-3-5-7)
Sunday, September 10
Sunday, September 10 (Ltd Breed Show for Groups 2-4-6)


Saturday, September 09 (Obedience Trial 1)
Sunday, September 10 (Obedience Trial 2)

Rally Obedience

Saturday, September 09 (Rally Trial 1)
Sunday, September 10 (Rally Trial 2)

Novice A - Gwen Roswell
Jordy Northern Force
 Mixed Breed  Jackie Nicolas 100.0

Novice B - Gwen Roswell
Karma's Piping Hot Gent
 Mixed Breed  Shelley Murphy 90.0

Intermediate - Gwen Roswell
Prairie Crest's Solstice Sonstruck
 Setter (English)  Betty Caldwell 92.0
GCh Aurelia's Northrn Echo Point
 Vizsla (Smooth-Haired)  Brenda Matsen 72.0

Advanced A - Gwen Roswell
No Qualifiers

Advanced B - Gwen Roswell
Atim's Never Fool With A Harley
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Colleen & Brian Smith 99.0
Behaven's Spring Grace
 Shetland Sheepdog  Linda Heming 94.0
Ch TollerPride Duchess Of Halifax
 Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)  John & Heather Gordon 90.0
GCh Wagswell's Seismic Activity
 Dachshund (Standard Wire-Haired)  Loren Bressers 79.0
Teseko's Time Traveller
 Belgian Shepherd Dog  Colleen & Brian Smith 78.0

Excellent A - Gwen Roswell
Piper (Erin)
 Mixed Breed  Erin Ivans 88.0

Excellent B - Gwen Roswell
Behaven's Spring Grace
 Shetland Sheepdog  Linda Heming 85.0
Ch Sunsetter's Dottie's Goin West
 Setter (English)  Betty Caldwell 84.0
GChEx Heartsease Empress Of India
 Newfoundland  Guillermo Fano 83.0

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