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Group 6 - The top 5 and all point winners in Group 6 for the current week

Top 5 This Week - May 8, 2018 to May 14, 2018

CONFORMATION - Group 6 for May 8, 2018 to May 14, 2018 (Total Points Accumulated)
Dog Name Breed Points
Ch Wynneira's Born To Be Bad American Eskimo Dog (Miniature) 7
Danmar Buck Bichon Frise 25
Purejoy's Two For Tea Bichon Frise 4
Bellissimo Armani Di Seta Parlare Bichon Frise 0
Mackendrick Counter2Counter Boston Terrier 87
GCh Waylin's Song Of The South Boston Terrier 58
Ch Hessenvilla's Buddy Holly Boston Terrier 33
Boxweilers Little Ms Zoe Boston Terrier 3
Destiny's Dutchess Boston Terrier 0
Robb Isle Sensational Phoebe Boston Terrier 0
Kaliska's Queen Sygun Boston Terrier 0
GCh Iroc Stargazing At Rugerlane Bulldog 66
Ch Iroc's Sweet Pecan Pi Bulldog 25
Ch Diona (Meyer) Bulldog 17
Honorbul's Talk Is Cheap Bulldog 3
Ch Delenclos Mighty Samson Bulldog 3
Bellissimo's Miss Sassy Pants Bulldog 2
Rocyn's Bulldacious Roots And Wings Bulldog 0
Bulldacious Rocking The Onesie Bulldog 0
Shines Call The Winning Shot With Tzo Wen N X Chinese Shar-Pei 247
GCh Gumby's Bearposh Ever After Chinese Shar-Pei 35
GCh Tzowen Queen Of Hearts Chinese Shar-Pei 8
GCh Nyan Chow's Time Works Wonders Chow Chow 38
GCh Commitment's Holy Diver Chow Chow 7
Cincere's We Hit The Jackpot With Padow Chow Chow 6
GCh Chowridge Embers Copper Rose Chow Chow 4
Mi-Pao's Jasper The Bear Chow Chow 4
L&A Goodtymes Getting Chumee At Ky Ching Chow Chow 3
Ch Rio's Morgan's Mystique Chow Chow 3
Ch Beshia Cannon Pi At Sevenacres Chow Chow 0
Chowridge'n Spiritwood's Buddha Chow Chow 0
Pura Vida Djalo Chow Chow 0
GChEx Spindrift Mr. Independance Chow Chow 0
GCh Estate's Rockette Dalmatian 31
Ch Echoviews Divine Wicked Games Dalmatian 10
Ch Spavinaw Crk N Echoviews Nu Flirt In A Skirt Dalmatian 9
Ch Perdita's A Parlay At H'Gate Dalmatian 2
Ch Shenandal's Take A Chance On Me Dalmatian 2
Echoviews Prairie Storm Dalmatian 0
Dotson A Nu Russian Tryst Dalmatian 0
Ch Karendon's Keep Calm N'Sip On French Bulldog 73
GCh Valpo's Man Of Steele French Bulldog 64
Lewisfield's Dare To Be Bold At Karendon French Bulldog 32
Unabelle's Deja Vu French Bulldog 27
Ch Unforgetabul! That's Paris French Bulldog 25
Aristocrafts One Hot Lolita French Bulldog 18
Ch Bullmarket Windridge I'm Your Man French Bulldog 15
Ch A'Vigdors Progressus French Bulldog 10
GCh Flamant Franco Allegretto French Bulldog 3
GCh Wildx Ragnar Pequeno Moloso French Bulldog 2
Ch Xenosz De La Coeur De La Mer French Bulldog 0
Beaumonde's Lady Annabell French Bulldog 0
Paris Moon Fabio French Bulldog 0
Crestagard's Just Call Me James French Bulldog 0
Shady Harbor's I'm Busted French Bulldog 0
Ch Eltorro Fxmoor P'Cherie Brioche French Bulldog 0
GCh Martrav N Briley's Pop That Cork French Bulldog 0
Shantli Roz Gay-Heyli German Pinscher 2
GCh Ufourea All About Andy German Pinscher 0
Nikita de la Foret d'Innamuramentu Japanese Spitz 0
GCh Beaukees EspressoShotCinnakees Keeshond 52
Ch Keesbrook's Out Of The Fyre Keeshond 35
GCh Klompen's That's Show Biz Keeshond 29
Purrkees Pick Your Poison Keeshond 26
Keesridge Charmer At The Ocean Keeshond 1
Discover Supernova At Keesbrook Keeshond 1
Ch Seawind's Ruffin Up Da Crew Keeshond 1
Ch Designer Canada Post Keeshond 0
Daimler's Betty Boop At Klitsa Keeshond 0
GCh Apsolutely Get In The Game Lhasa Apso 27
Ch Lasacas Marshall A. Constable Lhasa Apso 13
Ch Alharin The Shadow Knows Ashford Lowchen 25
Asa's Believe It Or Not Poodle (Miniature) 61
Rosebell's Aviator Poodle (Miniature) 4
Belcourt NV Poodle (Miniature) 4
Rosebell's Power Play Poodle (Miniature) 3
Asa's Crazy One More Time Poodle (Miniature) 0
Ch Litilann's Pacific Edge At Aristeia Poodle (Standard) 298
GCh Crystalton Chikoda Mystery Poodle (Standard) 103
Seransil's Glammr Girl Poodle (Standard) 29
Glicks Springtime Nova Spy Poodle (Standard) 14
Lumiere's Moonlight In The Harbor Poodle (Standard) 9
Sanvar Bellefleet's Encore Poodle (Standard) 1
Crystalton Chikoda X Factor Poodle (Standard) 0
Lemoges Dream Weaver Poodle (Standard) 0
Crystalton's Canadian Remix Poodle (Standard) 0
Amazing Celestial Eclipse Poodle (Standard) 0
Evangelina Vom Paw Paw Poodle (Standard) 0
Island West Lil Miss Addams Schipperke 30
Ch Butterblac's BMW Schipperke 20
Mardeck's The Sorcerer's Quest Schipperke 14
Ch Danzn Starz Magical Ruby Slippers Schipperke 3
Ch Sunojo's Little Red Pill Shiba Inu 61
Ch Benjiro Etsuko Destini Gift Shiba Inu 20
Anautuk's Game Of Tierce Shiba Inu 0
GCh Sealegends Magic In Moonlight Shih Tzu 57
Shente's Bettin' On Schutzu Shih Tzu 36
Ch Loghavens Kindred Spirit Shih Tzu 16
Whissler's Vroom Vroom Shih Tzu 8
Sunside Absolutely Fabulous Shih Tzu 8
Halo's Purple Rain Shih Tzu 2
Ch (Alt) Loghavens Elegant Anne Shih Tzu 0
GChEx Trekhond's Hey Good Lookin' Tibetan Spaniel 53
Trekhond Hell Yeah Meadowpark Tibetan Spaniel 3
Wassong's You Cant Catch Me At Meadowpark Tibetan Spaniel 1
Trekhond's Kiss Me Quick Tibetan Spaniel 0
GCh Adominos Brigitte Bardot Tibetan Terrier 366
GCh Ahkama Losar Khampa Tibetan Terrier 5

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