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Group 4 - The top 5 and all point winners in Group 4 for the current week

Top 5 This Week - June 26, 2018 to July 2, 2018

CONFORMATION - Group 4 for June 26, 2018 to July 2, 2018 (Total Points Accumulated)
Dog Name Breed Points
GCh Foxheart Westchester Supergirl Airedale Terrier 101
Regalridge Stand On Guard Airedale Terrier 14
Kalua Dabsquoui Katniss Airedale Terrier 9
Goodspice Victorianne Victoria Airedale Terrier 7
Solaire Thorn Of The Roze Airedale Terrier 7
Margeline Rose Charlotte Airedale Terrier 3
Prairie Moon's Mega Man American Staffordshire Terrier 8
Schaber's Chargers The Legend Of Troy American Staffordshire Terrier 3
Ch Maybush Red Starry Knight Australian Terrier 8
Dunham Lake Winnie The Blue Australian Terrier 8
GCh Zealous My Best to You Border Terrier 50
GCh Amberly Beale Street Blues Border Terrier 9
Ch Brrams Bandit II Border Terrier 6
Tilted Kilt's Peanut Border Terrier 3
Versaterre Fetch It Border Terrier 3
Brrams Lightning Strikes Twice Border Terrier 3
Glen Mara Most Easy Border Terrier 0
Ch Moorbern's Highway to Love Border Terrier 0
GCh Rootn Polarexpress By Chewbacca Bull Terrier 0
Bulligomingo-Omega's Paella Bull Terrier (Miniature) 12
Jewels Samurai Kid Bull Terrier (Miniature) 0
GCh Grayfriar's Max Cairn Terrier 12
Dorlin Graffiti Femme de Reve Cairn Terrier 8
Equinox N Jazz Luceo Non Uro Cairn Terrier 2
Ch Iz's Red Moon Rising Cairn Terrier 1
Isabella From Deerpark Cairn Terrier 0
Zlatapraha Primrose At Sandant Cesky Terrier 0
Ch Braebrook's Bill Fox Terrier (Smooth) 13
Northland Fox Set In Platinum Fox Terrier (Smooth) 0
Finnabair Double D Friend Of A Friend Glen Of Imaal Terrier 54
Ch Gleann Holy Hannah Glen Of Imaal Terrier 9
Breezy's The Heat Is On Irish Terrier 46
Ch Red Branch D'Artagnan Of The Ring Irish Terrier 30
Fairplay's Wild 'N Wicked Irish Terrier 12
Kincora's Elwha Dawn Irish Terrier 6
GCh Krisma's Xman First Class Kerry Blue Terrier 159
GCh Kerrisel's@Malahideblue I Got Fire in My Soul Kerry Blue Terrier 25
Karafuto Legend Next Top Model Kerry Blue Terrier 14
Sylkera's Bluactive North Star Kerry Blue Terrier 7
Ch (Alt) Ch Malahideblue Out Of The Woods Kerry Blue Terrier 0
Northcote's No Looking Back Lakeland Terrier 27
Ch Arete's Big Bang Debut Lakeland Terrier 27
GCh Mersey Smooth Criminal Manchester Terrier 139
Szulik's Mister Olaf Manchester Terrier 18
Black Bandits U Got It All Metric Manchester Terrier 17
Ch TCh Black Bandits Qiss Me Kwik Manchester Terrier 1
Dralion Onrway Solitaire Norfolk Terrier 0
Ch Dralion's Amblegreen Mavi Gold Norwich Terrier 30
Dralion's Curb Your Enthusiasm Norwich Terrier 17
Venturi One Moment In Time Parson Russell Terrier 4
Venturi Simply The Best Parson Russell Terrier 1
Pyxis I Am The Storm NB Rat Terrier 2
Pyxis Worth The Risk 4 Clarity Rat Terrier 0
High Pointe Earth Angel Russell Terrier 18
Ch Lovely-Orange Blackberry Russell Terrier 13
Lake Effect's Bleeds Blue Russell Terrier 1
GCh Empire Dreamaker Hot Tip Schnauzer (Miniature) 37
GCh Presbrooke Stand Back Schnauzer (Miniature) 28
Naibara's Sparkle Plenty Schnauzer (Miniature) 11
Luckyhill Master Piece Schnauzer (Miniature) 10
Debessiere Mizuki Sunrock Schnauzer (Miniature) 4
Sensations Touched By An Angel Schnauzer (Miniature) 2
Ch Goodspice Miss Emma Of Salt Creek Sealyham Terrier 43
Vegasdreams White Russian Sealyham Terrier 2
GChEx Keepsake Timtara Ima Rockstar Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier 477
Kataxin's Many Shades Of Fame Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier 16
Jonaire's Grace O Loch Bhreagh Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier 11
Mariner's Hide and Zeke Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier 11
GCh Lackyle Bairille Dubailt Staffordshire Bull Terrier 25
GCh Bueollin's Xtra Special Staffordshire Bull Terrier 16
GCh Ghostpine's DiamondOfHope Staffordshire Bull Terrier 9
Ch Regalridge Be On The Lookout Welsh Terrier 21
GCh Skyehigh's One Pound Sterling West Highland White Terrier 300
Brynmill Bedford West Highland White Terrier 19
GCh Munrose Dirkhaven Pippalotta West Highland White Terrier 18
Ch Absolute Gem Devil In Disguise West Highland White Terrier 5
Forestfield Luna West Highland White Terrier 4
Forestfield Skye West Highland White Terrier 3
Windacre Ready For Autumn West Highland White Terrier 0
Haeloganlane's Girl On The Move West Highland White Terrier 0

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